About Michael Plumstead

If you want to find the secrets of all aspects of health,

  • increase your longevity,
  • heal yourself from dreaded diseases,
  • boost body performance,
  • enhance your mental power and improve your wellbeing,

then, think in terms of energy, frequency, vibration, ultrasound and your immune system;

and then, think “change”.

To think change I need to question and challenge you. Then, you create an authentic Intent allowing you Inner-e to accept the change, program your subconscious mind and make the shift.

Once you authentically create intent, your Inner-e not only changes your circumstances through your subconscious mind, but also connects you to your higher frequencies.

I cannot teach you anything to change your subconscious mind and your circumstances, I can only question and challenge you to make you think until you automatically, make the shift.

So firstly, supplement your knowledge before taking supplements:

Start the process to understand and then master your internal and external energy systems.

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Time to change to physical, supportive, Self-HealthCare and then make the non-physical shift:

  • Eat and drink the healing frequencies
  • Create change through consciousness & frequency
  • Become limitless
  • Change
  • Learn the secrets of Schumann resonance
  • Take your frequency and health to the next level
  • Learn to master your energy system
  • Uncompromised life
  • Increase your longevity
  • Boost body performance
  • Enhance your mental power
  • Say good bye to cancer and other dreaded diseases.
  • If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration – Nikola Tesla

Everything in life is vibration – Albert Einstein

Your Inner-e has the answer to every question you have of yourself. I will share the method with you.