Suffering from Painful Legs and Joints, Microbiome energy, Leaky Gut, Blood sugar, Tumors?

ARUCA - The Most Powerful Life Restorer.
Are You Healthy

 Aruca™ – The Elixir of Life.

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Created to super-naturally support your body.

To support a healthy body, we need to secure the health of the foundations of our cellular systems within all vital areas of our body. Aruca is a unique, complex scientific formula that has combined a medley of unique organic plant characteristics in a nutritional, capsulated form, ready to easily be incorporated into our lifestyle.

The Secret behind Aruca.

The secret behind Aruca is not the individual plants but rather their uniquely scientifically calculated synergy that provides a real focused daily support – powerfully and sustainably throughout the body. Aruca:

  1. Promotes cellular communication.
  2. Balances and energises cell life.
  3. Begins a healing and restorative process – acting as a free radical “scavenger”.
  4. Helps absorb oxygen more intensely.
  5. Builds the health of the telomeres, the cellular matrix and the cell membrane.
  6. Improves cognitive function, concentration and memory.
  7. Organ function through regeneration and adaptogenic ability.
  8. Stimulates and supports the immune system.
  9. Tissue rejuvenation and overall mobility.
  10. Supports digestive function
  11. Potent antioxidant and cleanser.
  12. Increases enzyme activity.
  13. Stimulates metabolism.
  14. Detoxifies pollutants.
  15. Intensifies the metabolism of proteins, RNA and DNA.
  16. Enhances the bioavailability of trace minerals.
  17. Sensitises cell-
  18. Enhances the permeability of the cell membrane.
  19. Helps repair, regenerate and restore cells.
  20. Natural electrolyte.
  21. Even improves the benefit of herbal teas.

Along with an improved lifestyle and diet, ARUCA will provide support and improvement with many health issues known to us today:

  • Painful legs, bones, joints, knees, ankles and feet
  • Microbiome Gastrointestinal Health
  • Immune function
  • Anti-Ageing & libido
  • Mental challenges including Alzheimer’s
  • Mood and Irritability
  • Energy & focus
  • Cannabinoid receptors
  • Blood Vessels, circulatory system & nerves
  • Pain & Inflammation management
  • Sleep patterns.
  • Anxiety & stress

Aruca is 100% natural proprietary combination supplement:

  • Empowers wellness, performance & holistic restoration;
  • Created to super-naturally support your body to be more alert, calm and composed;
  • Empowers your passion, health and creativity;
  • Allows you to develop an extraordinary ability to thrive mentally and physically in life.

This tonic and conditioner will:

  • Grow your hair and nails faster and healthier;
  • Repair faulty organs and systems;
  • Repair your body tissues damaged by a modern lifestyle challenge;
  • Help you live longer without pain.

Aruca – Helps your body absorb nutrients.

You need at least 90 nutrients to maintain optimum health, including 59 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids? However, taking a variety of vitamin pills does not guarantee absorption unless you are taking the all-natural ARUCA combination to improve your small intestine absorption.

ARUCA – The Elixir of Life.

  • Supports a pain and disease-free life.
  • Offers life without painful inflammation and disease symptoms.
  • Helps absorb the nutrients in your organic fruit and vegetables to regain a healthy body.
  • Helps maintain your blood sugar to acceptable levels.

ARUCA 30 “Micro-Nutrient-Inner-Cellular Food” extracts.

It is a non-GMO, nutritional powerhouse consisting of Fulvic acid from the rainforests – 13 plant extracts, 13 other organic elements, and glycans comprising preferred forms of mannose harvested from Aloe Vera. Glycans which can be found on the exterior of each of the cells in your body facilitate faster, better, and complete cell-to-cell communication. Think of Glycans as high-performance conductors that transmit and receive messages to and from other cells, helping your cells get what they need so that they, and you, can be at your healthiest.

ARUCA is the single most potent health supplement available, anywhere. It does more for your health than any other combination of products ever scientifically developed from nature.

ARUCA  – The Most Powerful Life Restorer.

ARUCA - The Most Powerful Life Restorer.
Are You as Healthy as You Want to Be?

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