Business with Michael

Business with Michael

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Grow Yourself and your Business with Michael Plumstead IIB.

Who am I and what do I offer?

What I offer you is profitability, productivity and leadership development for sustainability. I am a difference-maker. I am a business-fixer. I am a business-grower. I have been a CEO of a public company, MD of private companies, a Director of the Franchise Association, I have enjoyed the pressures and pleasures of running my own businesses. I am a CEO business mentor.

I have “been there, seen it and survived to share the story with you”.

I have a British IIB accreditation in business mentoring.

I will not instruct you or provide on-the-spot coaching or training on daily activities. Instead, I challenge you and encourage you to think through our ideas and issues and approaches with interesting questions to answer. Together we will generate wise approaches to growing your business, profitably.

My mentoring is a long-term relationship where the focus is on supporting the growth and development of you and your business.

I offer high-level guidance for long-term development and improved performance. I will maximize your, and your businesses’, potential.

Overview on Business Development

Everyone wants to be part of a team – a team they can identify with, trust and have a say in. They want to share their ideas and call it their own – these people have networks and those people have networks who also have networks, it’s an unlimited stream of people.

Your business is and will be made up of these people, so your primary function in your company is to gather these people together and build a relationship with them, in fact everyone who knocks on your door. Building a team is key to your business success.

Through communication, nurturing and encouragement, make them enjoy being part of your team brand, including your staff, suppliers, customers and those wanting to join your brand activities who arrive through your social media efforts.

The most important way to grow your team business in a sustainable way is to:

Create and nurture lifetime relationships with all people who have chosen to be part of your team and database, and then what follows will be sales, and more sales, and more sales with referrals growing your database.

Nurturing communication is where the real power lies in business growth and will also result in an asset second to none. So, to generate this real growth and to build the resulting asset, you need me to design an inter-active relationship database in a CRM called Majestic. This is linked to blogging, content writing and Internet advertising.

After chatting to you, I will take a detailed view of your situation, and come up with a solution.