Hemp Seeds for Arthritis

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Painful Legs, Bones, Joints, Knees, Ankles and Feet. Welcome to Hemp Seeds and Oil. Hemp seeds, my superfood, are easily digested by the body and is one of the most nutritious foods available in nature. They contain high amounts of balanced essential fatty acids, essential amino acids and the “Perfect protein” not only containing all […]


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Go with your gut. Why Your Health Depends on Breading Good Bacteria I treated my sore legs, ankles, feet, diabetes, arthritis, bipolar and other diseases by learning to breed good bacteria in my gut. Research has taught me that all diseases, Cancer… Obesity… Diabetes… Cardiovascular disease… Autoimmune disease… Celiac… IBS… Crohn’s… Skin Disease… Allergies… Parkinson’s… […]


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Imagine there was a single bottle of pills (The Product) that would positively impact your health – Something that would repair and support your cell’s internal organs and systems – something that would influence your physical, mental and longevity of your life. Would you want it? The official testing of the product is complete, my […]


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Aruca™ – The Elixir of Life. Created to super-naturally support your body. To support a healthy body, we need to secure the health of the foundations of our cellular systems within all vital areas of our body. Aruca is a unique, complex scientific formula that has combined a medley of unique organic plant characteristics in a […]

Diabetes – Blood Sugar – Treatment

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I was Diabetic. Diabetes. Blood sugar. Micronutrients.  I found and addressed the cause. Despite the generalised treatment guidelines of conventional and alternative medicine, not everyone with type 2 diabetes is the same. There are many causes and contributing factors involved with blood sugar and diabetes. For one person, it may be mostly about their diet, for […]