Our Enemy to Pain Free Legs and Diabetes

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What is the secret enemy to our health causing arthritis, painful legs, diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, thyroid dysfunction, osteoporosis, Dr Gundry in fact, claims nearly all diseases? Avoid your enemy that will shorten your life with painful conditions and rather live longer, pain-free. It is really quite simple. Dr Steven […]

Potent Immune System Tool

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Build the Immune System with the most potent tool. We know that everything in our world, including our body, is made up of only energy and 99.9% empty space between these energy atoms, their electrons and protons. Our bodies and everything we use in our daily lives is made up of atoms and space consisting […]

Healing with High Frequency Energy

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Let me tell you about the next stage of medical evolution for all diseases, including painful legs, bones, joints and feet – High-Frequency Ultra Sound Healing – it is the medicine of the future and believe me the future has truly arrived. So, what is High-Frequency Energy Healing? Let’s start with what we now know, that […]