Diabetes Health Analysis

Diabetes: Where are you heading?

Do you know diabetes is the silent killer without symptoms?

Why are people with diabetes 2 at high risk of nerve pain, heart disease, blindness, heart attack, stroke, amputation, kidney failure, peripheral neuropathy, gangrene, Alzheimer’s, gum diseases, cataracts and glaucoma? When doctors describe these diabetes complications, it may sound melodramatic, like an overblown worst-case scenario. The truth is, these things will happen when blood sugar and insulin levels are out of control. We have an epidemic of diabetes in most first world countries.

We need to detect it before it happens before our insulin turns to insulin resistance. Blood tests are not the answer we are looking for to cure diabetes. Testing if you are becoming insulin resistant is the real solution to discovering a pending major health problem. I deal with “how” below.

“A lot of people don’t really think it will happen to them,” says David C. Ziemer, MD, director of the Diabetes Clinic at Grady Hospital in Atlanta. “For a lot of folks, the wake-up comes when they actually have a complication like a bad infection in the foot. That’s a nasty wake-up call.”

If you have uncontrolled diabetes, a serious and deep-seated foot infection can mean loss of a toe, foot, or leg amputation to save your life if you have not already been killed with a heart attack after a kidney failure. Seriously. Heart disease and stroke cause at least 65% of deaths from diabetes.

“Damage is slow and occurs over a period of years but it probably begins when blood sugar is at mildly elevated levels,” says Ronald Goldberg, MD, associate director of the Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami Medical Center. “You may not be diagnosed with diabetes, but the damage has already begun.” The problem is, “many people have diabetes a lot longer than they realize,” says Ziemer. ” Most diabetics take an average of five to ten years before they’re diagnosed.”

The complications of diabetes are indeed serious and are inevitable, especially if you take prescription tablets say various Functional Doctors like Dr Fung, Dr Mercola and others. High blood sugar levels are the symptoms and not the cause. The cause is insulin resistance. If you solve insulin imbalance, you are NOT only managing diabetes, but you are curing it forever say these Doctors. Dr Mercola cannot understand how some existing doctors are still prescribing tablets to manage diabetes, they are sending these poor fellows to a painful life journey while diabetes can be cured.

Detect for yourself if you are heading down the rabbit hole.

We will come to the solution a little later but first I want to talk about detection of Insulin Resistance, diabetes and other relevant health markers and factors without going to a doctor. There is no harm in going to a Functional Doctor but there will be harm going to a normal “old” Doctor as they will “manage” your symptoms of high blood sugar levels, but they will not prevent you from experiencing the painful and terrible long term consequences of diabetes. To prove my point if you need it, listen to the interview of Dr Mercola and Jason Fung. I will put in the link at the end of this article.

Keeping track with science, we are now able to test ourselves at home and get a comprehensive colour-coded printout covering more than all the heath markers for the dreaded diseases. You can see your vitamin, amino acid levels, trace elements, the function of your organs, blood sugar, your immune and endocrine systems to name half the sub-reports. You upload this comprehensive report to a CellQuicken website which then does an interpretation for you and looks at your health direction by comparing the report against previous reports.

Disclosure, I bought my kit more than two years ago and I am now a CellQuicken Ambassador.

I’ve cured pages of diseases from my report that I have written about previously by scanning myself every month. Knowing what problems face me, I could make choices about how to fix them. More importantly to me, I could see as the months progressed, whether my intervention was working and if I should change my approach to the health issue.

Let’s get back to my diabetes. I have had diabetes for decades and have unsuccessfully tried various medications including metformin. Most of the years I have only managed my blood sugar levels with diet. The “proverbial” hit the fan when I was moving to live in a new country. My blood daily blood sugar hit 25mmol/l and I could not reduce it. Once you have stress, diet and bad sleeping patterns, you have a powerful weapon to bring on kidney failure and a heart attack. I arrived in my new country and despite all types of diet intervention, but blood only fell to 18mmol/l and fluctuated by one or two points despite eating a strict diabetes diet. The perfect blood sugar level is around 5. The National Health Medical Research Council of Australia says that blood sugars should be in the range of 4 to 7mmol/l.

I want to illustrate WHY it is important to constantly measure if you are heading towards that dreaded disease called diabetes because you have insulin resistance. I am going to use my own ultrasound scan results in order for me to show various trends that the ultrasound picks up. Keep in mind that the body is one whole organism that does not work in parts. We need to search for tell-tale evidence in the ultrasound scan that insulin resistance is happening in our body which will lead to diabetes.

Let’s get started using my personal scans of the Quality of Health Analysis Report.

Following are some relevant screenshots of my CellQuicken reports. I will not be showing the medical explanation that comes with each section. I will start with the pancreas below.

As you can see the insulin levels are high while other aspects of the pancreas that are not in this screenshot, are within normal ranges. I am going to be talking much more about insulin and insulin resistance, as this is the critical issue to healing diabetes and many other diseases. Insulin is the foundation of many diseases including diabetes and painful legs.

The next screenshot: Diabetes can cause osteoporosis and I was starting to suffer from the symptoms. My Quality of Health Analysis Report also showed, you will see below, I was heading towards osteoporosis. The natural reaction is to supplement the missing elements, but, as I discovered, that does not cure the problem.

Osteopenia is a bone condition characterized by decreased bone density, which leads to bone weakening and an increased risk of bone fracture. My joints and legs are painfully showing the symptoms of osteoarthritis. I occasionally found myself using a wheelchair in shopping centres.

This next section of my report upset me as I was experiencing kidney pain, my eyes were weakening, deferred pain occurred via the meridian into my left ear and I was experiencing intermittent nerve pain in different parts of my body. This was an aspect people do not get to know until possibly years later when symptoms start to appear.

  1. The insulin first stores glucose in the liver and when that is full, it converts calories into fat to be stored in the body, thereby leading to obesity.
  2. Less than 2.967 value of the coefficient of insulin secretion is regarded as a reduced value. It is seen in metabolic disorders caused by inadequate insulin secretion. Acid-base balance disorders often appear in seriously inadequate insulin secretion, and it has no early symptom.
  3. Higher values you find in chronic diabetic patients who may also have health problems with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, kidney, eye and nerve diseases. Severe cases of patients in stress can generate the ketoacidosis, hyperosmolar coma, lactic acidosis to threaten life, and are often complicated with pus infection, urinary tract infection, tuberculosis, and other health problems. My reading is particularly high. I am insulin resistant. This indicates a need for urgent treatment. Where is your insulin secretion in your health right now?

I found this next aspect interesting in my investigative search for a cure for my diabetes. Vitamin B3, or “niacin,” helps lower blood sugar, reduce fatty livers and prevents neuropathy, all of which I had, but did not realize Vit B3 played such a significant role. I also did not know that my Vit B3 was low. Thank goodness for my Quality Health Analyser.

Vitamin B3 is also known as nicotinic acid. It can make use of tryptophan for synthesis in the human body. It is an essential substance for synthetic hormones. Vitamin B3 can promote blood circulation, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and triglycerides, reduce gastrointestinal disorders. Vitamin B3 exists in animal livers, kidneys, lean meat, eggs, wheat germ, whole wheat products, peanuts and figs. As you can see from my Quality of Health Analysis Report, I’m lacking Vit B3.

Next, the thyroid is the mother of all organs in the body. It plays a pivotal role in nearly all systems and organs. The thyroid gland is a crucial hormonal gland that plays an important role in growth and development, metabolism and regulating several functions of the human body such as temperature and calcium balance. It constantly secretes, stores and releases multiple hormones, collectively referred to as thyroid hormones. Thyroid dysfunctions and diabetes are closely linked. In people with type 1 diabetes, thyroid problems can cause autoimmune diseases and in type 2 diabetics, it affects the normal functioning of the body in many ways. As you can see from the report below, my kidneys were heading in the wrong direction, but I still had time on my side as they had not reached the red zone. This is the huge benefit of having the facility at home to analyse your total health every month.

Moving on to heavy metals. Toxic heavy metals are a major, and perhaps even primary, a contributor to the growing diabetes epidemic. Arsenic, cadmium, mercury, thallium and the others below all contribute to diabetes. Zinc is a nutrient that helps prevent heavy metal damage which comes up under the trace elements report and shows in my report that I am lacking in zinc.


Triglycerides below, this again shows high sugar and diabetes symptoms. My reading is very high verging on the red zone. Are you starting to see the value of having the Health Risk Markers at your fingertips for your entire family? I would have been permanently in a wheelchair long before now if I had waited for all the symptoms to appear before treating them.

High triglyceride levels are associated with a collection of disorders known as ‘metabolic syndrome’. A person with metabolic syndromes, like myself, has an increased risk of developing diabetes, stroke, heart disease and many other diseases. I hope you are not also one of us. You can discover with a modern ultrasound home analyser or visit a Functional Doctor who has one.

Which intervention to use.

I had all the information confirming I was heading towards the consequences of having diabetes; nerve pain, heart disease, blindness, heart attack, stroke, amputation, kidney failure, peripheral neuropathy, gangrene, Alzheimer’s, gum diseases, cataracts or glaucoma, to name a few possibilities of dreaded consequences of insulin resistance resulting in diabetes.

I have been taking you through this Quality Health Analysis report, to share with you the importance of knowing where your health is heading before symptoms appear and start causing lifestyle issues. Once you have bought your “Quality of Health Analyser” kit, you are faced with what to do with this valuable information that comes from your report.

Discovering your health destiny – where your health is taking your life, is the starting point of possibly saving a painful end to your life. Historically I have tried medication, five different diets, homoeopathy, ultrasound treatment, herbal treatments, acupuncture and so the list goes on.

Then came the biggest coincidence in my life as I was searching for something I knew did not exist, the cure for diabetes. Finally, it does exist. I came across Dr Fung talking at Tim Noakes’s seminar to Doctors, which led me to listen to varies hour-long interviews between Functional Doctors like Dr Gundry, Dr Mercola, Dr Saladino and others. I immediately started the solution all these Doctors were advocating, because it not only made logical sense, but I was desperate, and it was free. Within four weeks my blood reached 5.8 for the first time and that was today when I was sharing my journey. What will happen in the next four weeks?

Watch this space.

Before I give you the link for the free the solution, a few words about how the “Quality of Health Analyser”, that produced the above reports, works.

This analyser does not test the blood, for example, as conventional modalities do. The “Quality of Health Analyser”, picks up the distressed frequency from the cell’s sound. This process is not influenced by recent eating or bodily activities.

The cell becomes stressed over time and that is picked up through the sound of the cell. It is an algorithm. It is a scan to uncover where the body is having health issues and in which direction the health is heading. The focus is on the whole body and not just parts of it. They cover many additional areas that play into the health of the patient at any one time, more than the regular laboratory tests do; for example it picks up your health issues with vitamins, minerals, memory, hydration of cells, fat metabolism, nerves, brain, obesity, entire immune system analysis, cancer health markers, heart event and diabetes health markers, and so much more as you have seen from my few personal examples.

The “Quality of Health Analyser” is a strategic and most important starting point to discover the direction in which your health is heading at this moment in time and the only way to monitor your entire whole-body health improvement in less than three minutes. It is ideal to use at home for your entire family and friends. You could even become an Ambassador and charge people in your area for doing the Health Analysis.

Take control of your family’s health at home by buying a Quality Health Analyser, for more information and to watch some videos, click here.

Let’s access the Road to Self-Healing together,

Michal Patrick Plumstead.

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