PainFree Legs Soluition.

Painful legs, knees, ankles, feet, toes, bones and joints.

Where I started with Self-Healing:

It’s nearly impossible to understand why you have painful legs. No doubt you will search for a quick solution and fall prey to cleaver or false advertising all over the Internet; as did I. I will share, what I discovered over 10 plus years. I will share what I found for quick relief to the pain; but the solution has been a process, a journey. I have personalized my solution step by step, written blogs, articles, videos and emails; but the most important overall advice I can give is to listen to your body, intuition and put those thoughts and ideas to the test – trial and error.

Each article I’ve listed below and on the drop-down menus, adds part of the process in an important order. For example, it’s imperative you ensure your blood inflammation, your blood acidity and your gut microbiome are healed. This is basics 101; no other solution will work in the long term unless these three issues are normal. I do suggest foods to eat and other foods to avoid that will help solve your blood inflammation, acidity and build your gut microbiome. If something works for you, add it to your new lifestyle change list and stick it on the fridge, because you will otherwise go back to your old habits that caused the painful legs in the first place.

1.  Nearly all painful legs and joints start with inflammation in the blood. Read this blog to get a general idea:

2.  Your blood-acidity or Ph will have more to do with your painful legs than you will ever know:

3.  Step one is to understand the essential role the gut microbiome plays in the healing:

4.  Start with this program today and get into the daily, weekly and monthly habit of eating as I did:

5.  It took me 10 years to discover this important intermittent fasting tool:

6.  Vegan or carnivore is not important. It is the foods you must not eat that are important:

7.  There is a well-kept secret about lectins which is most important in healing painful legs:

8.  I suggest you now follow the drop-down menu on the main website after this:


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Michael Plumstead