Reprogram Your Mind

How to reprogram your mind.


For a long time, we’ve been taught that evolution is a process that is happening to us. Thankfully we’re living in times where humans are finally getting a grasp on the fact that we’re actually actively involved in how we evolve as a species and as individuals.

As humans, our bodies are constantly changing in response to the environment around us. Our muscles change according to whether we choose to use them or not. The enzymes in our digestive system change in response to the foods we choose to eat. Our endocrine system is in a constant feedback loop with our emotions which can change dramatically according to what’s happening in the world around us.

As Dr Bruce Lipton put it, “the cell is a carbon-based ‘computer chip’ that reads the environment”, and the field of epigenetics teaches us that our DNA changes in quality – again, according to our environment.

When science talks about ‘environmental influence’ it seems to imply ‘all that which is outside ourselves’. It’s easy to overlook the fact that that our conscious choices about which environmental factors we engage with are part of what shapes the way our bodies restructure. We are part of the environment that influences our own development; our free will lets us choose and change the environment. We participate in our own evolution during our lifetime and what we do in our own lives can also affect future generations. In this way, personal evolution is collective evolution, and nowhere is personal evolution more apparent than how we can rewire our own brain.

How Reprogramming the Mind Is Helpful to Us.  

Humans work really well with routines. We repeat the same pattern over and over, and through neuroplasticity our brain wires itself so that it doesn’t have to think too much about that task anymore, it just runs that established electrical pathway. To riff off Noel Burch, it’s like when we learn to drive a car: we move from unconscious incompetence ‘I don’t know how bad at this I’m going to be’; to conscious competence ‘I now know how bad I am at this’; to conscious competence ‘OK, I can do this but I have to keep my mind on the job’; to unconscious competence ‘I can wind the window down, change the radio, turn a corner and change gears all at the same time, without even thinking about it’.

We program ourselves all the time with repetition, so we don’t have to waste energy engaging isolated focus on every task. The question is whether these are routines we are choosing for ourselves or that have been imposed on us? If they are imposed, are they helpful to us both personally and as a species?

Using the CellQuicken Brain Vibe’s, virtual reality glasses and programs we can create many repetitions in just one minute.

Quick Method to Re-wire Our Mind?

During early childhood our brains are wiring themselves for the first time. While this process slows after the intense surge of development in first few years, our brains are still establishing the wiring we will largely use for the rest of our life throughout childhood. When we hit our teenage years, we experience the second surge of new wiring and there is an opportunity for patterns to be created during this time that can setup behaviours for years to come. After this period, neuroplasticity still occurs but it just isn’t as fluid as it was before. So, you can teach an old dog new tricks, it’s just a slower process, unless you use the VR process.

Our subconscious is overhearing everything our conscious mind is hearing and is therefore to a being programmed by whatever influence we’re being exposed to. Using the VR glasses system, the conscious mind cannot make sense of the program and so the programming goes directly to the subconscious mind. This results in a much faster method to reprogram the mind.

We Are Always Programming Ourselves

I like to imagine the subconscious mind is like an autopilot system. It is overhearing everything we ever think or say, and its mission (in the background and whenever possible) is to guide us towards whatever we want… or at least whatever it thinks we want according to what it overhears. An extra level of challenge is introduced when we imagine that the conscious mind has the capacity for judgment its higher expression – discernment.

The subconscious, however, doesn’t have that ability. When it is overhearing everything, you think and every word you say it simply hears the topic, not the context. ‘I don’t want to be fat’ with the judgment of ‘I don’t want’ removed becomes the topic only: ‘be fat’. The subconscious ‘overhears’ the topic of what is active in your conscious mind and it is listening for repetition. This is how it figures out for how ready we need to be for that particular thought process.

Repetition is the Key.

If we lift weights we are using repetition to say to the muscles, ‘be ready for this, we may need to do this at any moment, so restructure yourself’. Scientists have found the fastest way to get fit is to do interval sprints, which is basically a physical way of saying to the body through repetition ‘you need to restructure yourself, so we can sprint at top speed at any time, at the drop of a hat’. Rest, get your breath back and sprint again, over and over. This repetition tells the body that it’s a high priority to restructure and always be ready for this.

The same is to be true for our brain. When our subconscious overhears our thoughts and words and there is repetition, there is an increased likelihood of neural rewiring. After all – neurons that fire together wire together.

Using the VR glasses process, the process is speeded up as there is no resistance from the conscious mind.

The path of least resistance

When attempting to re-wire an old habit or behaviour pattern, it is useful to remember the adage from high school science: electricity follows the path of least resistance. Imagine the old pattern as a well-established electrical pathway in your brain. As you put conscious focus into creating a new electrical pathway to replace the old pattern, you make that new electrical pathway fatter. As soon as you stop putting conscious focus into running the new behaviour pattern the electricity will revert to the old cable for as long as it is the fatter of the two cables, as that is the path of least resistance.

As soon as the day comes when the new electrical pathway is thicker than the old one you have a new program in your autopilot system, that will now run on its own without you needing to focus conscious intention on it. You have reached a level of conscious competence.

By using the VR glasses method, you can communicate the new message at over a thousand times every minute.

According to Dan Coyle a key to making the consciously chosen wiring stick is holding the intention that ‘I want to know this for the rest of my life’. Coyle suggests this causes the brain to coat the new electrical pathway in the brain with myelin insulation, making it much more permanent. Take a look at the image below to see both the healthy and unhealthy nerve coating – the myelin insulation.

Illustration showing myelin coating around nerve fibre

As stated earlier, our autopilot system is taking direction from everything you’re experiencing – which includes the media we watch, the people we surround ourselves with and more. For this reason, one of the most powerful things we can do is exercise discernment around the kind of experiences we expose ourselves to, and their level of intensity and repetition.

If you believe that your thoughts influence your life, or your destiny, the question is then, are you being defined by a new vision of your future, or by a recycled memory of the past?

Your brain is designed to reflect everything you know in your life and have experienced to-date.  You wake up every morning, and the routine is identical. You drive to work the same way, meet the same people, who push the same buttons, you work on the things you know so well how to do, and hurry home, check you emails, watch your favourite TV show, and then go to bed ready to start it all over again.

Did you change at all to-day? Your external environment is the same every day, which turns things on in different circuits in your brain causing you to think about everything that you know. If you are thinking in the same way, which is equal to your environment, you are creating more of the same reality.

You cannot do the same things and expect different results.

So, to truly change then, is to think greater than your environment. Greater than the circumstances in your life. Greater than the conditions in your world. Every great person in history did this: Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Arthur Luther King, Joan of Arc, the Wright Brothers. They all had greater than life intent.

Can you see in your mind, a future, that you cannot see, feel or taste? You have thought about it enough times, that it is, in your conscious brain.

The latest research in genetics, epigenetics, neuroscience and neuroplasticity, confirms you can change your brain just by thinking.

Can you fall in love with that future potential, that exists in that quantum field?

Can you emotionally embrace, that future reality before its made manifest? To such an extent that your body as the unconscious mind, begins to believe that it is living in that future reality in the present moment, so much so, that it sends signals to change your body, and your body’s circumstances begin to change. The latest research in epigenetics proves it is possible.

BrainVibing using VR glasses is the tool to achieve this outcome.

Once your body feels, that the event has already happened, relax, as reality will then find you. It is going to come in a way that you least expect. Why in a different way? Because if you can expect it, it’s nothing new. It’s your conscious mind playing tricks on you.

If you pay attention, to what you did inside you, to get those unexpected events outside you, you can do it again. This is called human empowerment with CellQuicken’s BrainVibe device.

If you are, every single day for an hour, separating yourself from your external environment, by BrainVibing with your VR glasses, you are removing yourself from the external, past-thinking, environment.

You are settling your body down to confirm its new identity, without involving the conscious mind. This will get you beyond your current personality, ego and time, where you forget about yourself. This is when you are at your most powerful. This is the moment of creation.

Otherwise, if you are not separating yourself from your ego, and creating your new personality, then you continue drifting with the circumstances, especially your health conditions in our life.

How you think and how you feel, creates a state of being. Familiar feeling, keeps you in the past. By the time, you are 35 years old, you are in a set of memorized behaviours that function like a computer program. This is 95% of who you are.

Recondition the mind through BrainVibing – forget your habits from the past through frequent BrainVibing. Liberate your body from health issues.

The moment you start with a BrainVibe picture and affirmation in your mind, you create intention, intention is getting clear on what you want; marry it with an elevated emotion like joy, compassion, gratitude or love. This quickly begins to change your biology.

Start creating from the total unknown. Keep BrainVibing every day. This will create neurological networks in your brain that fire together in you. Become invincible. Create new genes. New state of being, which will create a new personality. Walk the talk of your new intent. Change your actions to walk into a new experience. While enriching your brain, modify your actions and feel the emotions. Repeat BrainVibing, over and over again.

This process will condition your neuron body. The word is becoming flesh – the coded messages in the scriptures tell us this.

Analytical mind is constantly working with right from wrong, good from bad, always analysing, UNTIL we become stressed, then it supports the ego – hormones of stress are running through system, the analytical mind goes into high gear. We are highly active and move into high beta wave frequency. Nothing positive will ever happen in this hyped-up state.

That’s why we must BrainVibe. The more educated we are, the more logical we are and therefore the more difficult to get passed the analytical mind, so by BrainVibing, we slip passed the analytical conscious mind by subliminal pictures and affirmation.

We go from philosopher, to initiate to master; From mind to body to soul; From knowledge to experience to wisdom; From thinking to doing to being; From information, to application to transformation. We have all the biological and neurological machinery to do this with CellQuicken RoyalVibe’s BrainVibe.

Most people wait for a health trauma or dreaded disease to finally make up their mind to change. Is it not far better, to rather learn and change while in a state of joy, to build your healthy physical body.

All you have to do is, retreat for a few moments each day to relax, take yourself out of your environment and BrainVibe – watch your health and body change.