Seven Allatra Foundations

Seven Allatra Foundations.

Foundation 1


The highest value in this world is human life. It is necessary to protect the life of any person as your own, for although life is fleeting, it gives everyone a chance to increase their main value: the inner spiritual riches, which are the only things that allow the personality to achieve true spiritual immortality.

Increase the principal value of your life each day, for man is suddenly mortal. Strive for perfection and adapt your personal choice and activities to the primary purpose of your existence – the spiritual and moral self-transformation and service to the highest universal human spiritual values.

Foundation 2


The freedom of choice is the greatest gift to man.

He who develops spiritually and morally each day achieves the real freedom of the personality – the freedom from his own selfishness, from fears and illusions of this world, from the endless worldly desires and doubts, sufferings and delusions. This is the true freedom of the human spirit which does not have any earthly limitations, which gives man internal support and makes him strong and independent of any circumstances.

Foundation 3


There is no higher power in this world for a man other than the mastery over himself, for in the spirit is the victory over the material world. Control over oneself is more valuable to a person than possession of any earthly riches, for it opens the way to knowledge of the true Wisdom, which helps free one’s mind from the niche of human fears and narrow vaults of the darkness of delusions, to overcome the solid earth of material thinking and discover the boundless realm of knowing the Truth.

Where a person’s attention is, there his thoughts, words and deeds are; there the life of man is, it’s end or beginning. Each person who knows how to control himself and rule over his thoughts and emotions and who bestows his boundless spiritual Love on people is the richest and happiest person in this world.

Foundation 4


Live by the Soul and act according to your Conscience. Follow the rules of moral behaviour and improve yourself spiritually. Transform yourself each day and perfect yourself in any good deed, good thoughts, and the deepest feelings. Do as you would be done by.

In the process of spiritual and moral improvement, through the expanded state of consciousness, man is capable of knowing the Truth, going beyond the limits of the material thinking and discovering many more skills and abilities in the true reality. Man gets the real power of influence only when he comes in contact with the spiritual sources of his human nature.

Foundation 5


Unity in the spirit begets unity in the world. Unite and create. The system divides, and people unite. Matter and its needs divide people into a multitude of groups. Spiritual riches bring people into unity.

Self-improvement, as well as spiritual and moral perfection, promote the unity of man with his spiritual source, which gives him true freedom. Serving the highest spiritual benefit – Good – leads to the unity of the personality with its spiritual nature. All people initially have a common value: spiritual riches. This is a guarantee of harmony and the commonality of purpose. This is what makes all people united in their deepest essence.

Foundation 6


Create goodness and do not serve evil.

Live by the spiritual riches and by what begets each good creation. Only then will you see events in the light of Truth, understand people and their deepest essence and be able to adjust your life and your work according to your Conscience. Live by your spiritual and moral source, which engenders good feelings, thoughts, words, and deeds.

It is better to live by working according to one’s Conscience, drawing the power of creation from the spiritual source, than to lead a miserable life in illusions of the dead appearance of things, blindly serving the system of insatiable matter. Everything in this world is interconnected, and nothing passes unnoticed for the personality. The human being is a guest in this world: what he is born with is what he leaves with, without taking any of his material treasures. During your life, be quick to increase the spiritual and moral wealth in yourself, the spiritual riches, for it is the only undying treasure – the spiritual power, which opens a way to true immortality for the personality.

Peace and harmony in society begin with peace and harmony within man.

Foundation 7


One should not look for spiritual riches in the outside world, for they are within man and in his spiritual and moral transformation in his feelings, thoughts, words, and deeds. If an active person, being immersed in the thick of this mundane world, lives inside by the riches of the spiritual world, then his wisdom will know no bounds in the earthly achievements, as well, and all his deeds will be closely connected with the original meaning of his life.

All earthly riches are transient and changeable in the dust of human existence. The desire for personal gain bears the burden of endless problems, which quickly drains a man of his strength. The desire to gain temporary earthly power creates dreams of pleasures and the grief of killing oneself already during life. The sincere desire to overcome one’s earthly nature as well as real spiritual self-development uplift man above selfhood and open a vast depository of the spiritual riches. Then, whatever the outcome of the worldly life is; in this, your Life, you are already a Winner.

That is why all of us together are a real worldwide people’s creative power!

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