About 50 per cent of people alive today will face cancer.

You would think a cure for all diseases that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine would make national headline news. So why didn’t you hear about it? This book will help you understand why so many individuals die after traditional treatment for cancer. The story is getting worse.

“It is estimated that by 2020 more than half of all cancer in America will be medically induced by drugs or radiation, making their Medical establishment the leading cause of cancer.”

(Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, NMD, DO).

In this book, you’ll learn some of the startling details that are 100 per cent true, yet they are never mentioned in the mainstream media or by health authorities. You will discover many startling facts about cancer treatment. You will also learn about many of the successful alternatives all around the world. Many other facts that will be revealed in this book will open your eyes and blow your mind. All these facts are verified as authentic and backed up with sources and citations. This isn’t fiction!

Cancer and other patients with dreaded diseases will learn about Self-Healing solutions.