Cancer Holocaust



We could see the END of all disease, including cancer,

thanks to new cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs.

Let’s not hide from the facts.

A must read if you fear cancer.


Newly diagnosed cancer patients have several choices when they are diagnosed with cancer:

  1. They can die quickly, be in incredible pain, and go bankrupt, by using orthodox treatments. Over 90% of newly diagnosed cancer patients, chose this option.
  2. They can live longer and be in less pain by doing nothing.
  3. They can extend their life by 10 times by using 10 grams of Vitamin C by I.V. daily.
  4. They can extend their life by changing to a strict organic plant-based diet, avoid sugar and other cancer promoting foods and drinks.
  5. They can balance their body’s pH and ensure their cells are correctly receiving oxygen from structured water. Cancer cannot live in this environment.
  6. They can kill the cancer cells using ultrasound and then build their health the same way.
  7. They can cure their cancer by intelligently, rebuilding their immune system and safely killing all their cancer cells with a combination of the above.
  8. They can use a combination of the above numbers 3 to 8.