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Has your Doctor ever tested your lymph system, or even told you about it? Do you know you have twice as much lymph fluid than blood in your body? Have they checked if your arteries are hardening or do the old-Doctors wait for your heart attack to happen? Has your doctor discussed your pH-levels and inflammation as the major signals to future dreaded diseases? Has he told you, that oxygen and structured water are essential to your cells to avoid cancer, diabetes and heart attacks? I guess not. 

Learn about Self-HealthCare.

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The way “New-Doctors” approach diagnosis and healing is changing at hyper-speed and is called Originalis medicine. The old Doctor’s approach, allopathic, is to spend on average about 8 minutes per consultation and then only treating the symptom. The symptom disappears, both Doctor and patient are happy. Neither party know, or are even interested in, what the origin of the symptom was. Patients believe the reason for the symptom has, in fact, been taken away.