Full Time Income Part Time v.2


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Full Time Income Part Time starts with a firm Decision followed by a firm Commitment and Working to a Proven System. This book is our blue-print to our proven social media system. This is the future to work.


Full Time Income “Full” Time is a state where you currently have enough income to cover your existing lifestyle regardless of what you do or don’t do in your daily activity; with a Full Time Income Part Time, you get to live a life of choice in that you can do whatever you want to do with your daily activity.

This income is there to pay for your extreme dreams – it’s called the Dream Status.

The really important fact of life is to understand that EVERYBODY can become Full Time Income Part Time Social Entrepreneurs! Regardless of their current status, the important factor is to understand nobody will ever fulfil their extreme dreams without investing in and learning certain skills that can be used to create this new status.

The reality of the matter is you can only create the desired dream status if you are prepared to make radical thinking changes in your life…… waiting will never bring a change in status except when illness or death arrives on your door step! It starts with a firm decision to embark on a new road part time and then making a commitment to follow the road regardless of initial financial and time sacrifices.

The simple reason for this is that Full Time Income Part Time using a system is the end result of thinking very differently, making very different decisions, changing habits and behaviour and taking yourself into a New World.

Regardless of your current status, your current financial state is no more than a mirror image or reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, mind, ego, Inner-e connection of the past.

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