Secret Code to Total Health 2018

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102 pages of pure health – Live healthier and Longer.

1. Evolution of health – health destiny is a choice.
2. Nerves are key – originalis medicine.
3. Acidy is the most dangerous threat to life.
4. Inflammation is a friendly warning signal.
5. Hydration of cells is not easy without help.
6. The correct probiotics are essential to a healthy immune system.
7. Diet and gut health.
8. New Field of Psycho-neuro-immunology is a secret key to health and longevity.
9. The psychology of making healthy lifestyle changes.
10. Direct link between brain and gut.
11. Are you really in control?
12. Know Diabetes 2018.
13. Know cancer 2018.
14. What is Quantum Physics and ultrasound treatment.
15. Understanding food and how to eat.
16. DNA, nucleotides – your life depends on them.
17. Everything is energy, motion and vibration – use this quantum information.
18. Quantum Treatment and healing.
And so much more….


Originalis Medicine – the future is here now.

New Quantum-Doctors know that treating only the symptoms is not in the best interest of their patients, and so, search for the origin of the symptom, using a scanning device like an ER Ultrasound Health Risk Decoder. They look for the effects of stress, the health markers throughout the body’s systems and organs, to discover how an individual is responding to various forms of stress, physical, chemical or emotional, in their life.

This process takes about three minutes to complete and the software produces 30 reports covering over 250 bodily systems, organs and includes acidic index, amino acid, mineral and vitamin deficiencies and more. The report is colour coded to immediately point out severely abnormal conditions that need to be treated immediately.