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Most Powerful Weapon against Life-threatening Diseases. More Powerful Treatment than Drugs. This treatment activates the process which cleans out all the old protein that blocks up your brain, causing, memory loss, moods and Alzheimer’s. It stimulates all your inner organs systems and starts self-healing. From my own experience this year, this treatment has been a […]

Healing with High Frequency Energy

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Let me tell you about the next stage of medical evolution for all diseases, including painful legs, bones, joints and feet – High-Frequency Ultra Sound Healing – it is the medicine of the future and believe me the future has truly arrived. So, what is High-Frequency Energy Healing? Let’s start with what we now know, that […]

Rooibos Tea

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The Forgotten Miracle Healing Secret. Aspalathin is a potent antioxidant, and it’s only found in Rooibos and no other food or beverage. It is a miraculous Self-Healing agent for nearly every conceivable health condition including painful legs, bones and joints. I have been drinking it since birth for no other reason than it tasted so […]


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Imagine there was a single bottle of pills (The Product) that would positively impact your health – Something that would repair and support your cell’s internal organs and systems – something that would influence your physical, mental and longevity of your life. Would you want it? The official testing of the product is complete, my […]

Stress, Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Attacks

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Stress Frequency Can kill You. Stress is Our Number 1 Killer! Stress is in the mind, and it can spread all over a person and kill them just as quickly as a  disease, if allowed. And in fact, stress can cause or open that door for that very disease you fear. Stress is a body frequency that you give yourself. Stress is […]

Second Cancer

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Why another cancer when it can be avoided? Why did some one not tell me? Did you know that the treatment your doctor orders could possibly increase the likelihood  that you will become a repeat customer? Conventional cancer treatments such as  chemotherapy and radiation could actually promote cancer. Cancer is increasingly becoming  a survivable disease, yet the treatments […]

What is Your Cancer Risk?

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Cancer kills 15 people every minute – WORLDWIDE – 21,918 people die of cancer every single day. The statistics are shocking… But… there are things YOU can do today that are remarkably effective at lowering your risk for most types of cancer. All hope is not lost! Cancer is curable and preventable with knowing what the cause of the cancer […]