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panguitch lake fishing report

(04-19-19), The reservoir was stocked this week with 8- to 10-inch rainbow trout. (04-19-19), Trout are stocked periodically through the cold months and provide fair to good fishing. The water temperature is very cold still, making catch rates slower. Largemouth bass are found in narrow side canyons with lots of rock structure. If bait fishing for pike, walleye or channel catfish, try using a dead red side shiner, smelt, Utah chub or carp meat fished off the bottom using a slip rig sinker, or suspended 25- to 30-inches below a bobber in shallower water. Near everything nature. Following the spring treatment, It's only a month away! Maximum depth of 66 feet. Ice should be deteriorating. chub population, when chubs return. Anglers are still able to fish the other two ponds: Kidney and Riverfront. Catch rates remain high. Our annual netting survey found a lot of healthy rainbow trout from two to four pounds, with the largest coming in at six pounds. The fishery has not been without problems, however. Also, try tolling at 1.9 MPH along the west shoreline. (03-08-19), Snow on the Manti-La Sal National Forest has made the road to Fairview Lakes inaccessible for highway vehicles. The reservoir was recently stocked with 10- to 12-inch rainbow trout. Further north, stripers have been reported at the mouth of Lake Canyon and Moki Canyon mouth as well. Also check the backs of canyons especially where streams are present.Smallmouth bass: Few reports but will become more active as surface temperatures increase, especially late in the day. The goal is to have a enough predator fish to control the If you're spin-casting, try using 1/4-once bumble bee, crawdad or salmon fly Worden's Original Rooster Tail spinners, 1/4-ounce gold shiner, silver shiner, bleeding silver or red/silver flake Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Spinners, or 1/4-ounce gold or brook trout Panther Marin Original spinners. All cutthroat and tiger trout between 15 and 22 inches must be released. White Bridge Campground below Panguitch Lake (Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) lab) Anatoxin-a: <0.1 µg/L; Microcystin: >5 µg/L; The Division of Water Quality (DWQ) and UDAF is visiting Panguitch Lake today, September 24, 2018, to collect further samples. Midge (chironomid) patterns are still providing the best success. Call the Quiet Fly Fisher fly shop at (435) 616-2319 for up to date conditions and fishing reports. Anglers can expect to catch only bluegill and largemouth bass. Remember to adjust these times based on barometric pressure, and weather changes. Rainbow or brown trout patterned crankbaits and spoons also work well. Privacy Policy Affiliate Disclosure. Anglers are catching high numbers of 12- to 18-inch rainbow trout from boat, kayak, float tube and shore. angler alike. Look for the bass to start moving up to the shallows to find warmer water during the afternoon on sunny days. For catfish, try using Rapalas, mussels on a treble hook off the bottom, raw chicken strips, shrimp or worm under a bobber 6 to 10 feet from the bank. Fishing is slow to fair and anglers are catching14- to 21-inch cutthroat trout. Panguitch Lake “Big Fish” Derby. (03-08-19), Emerald Lake and other waters on the Manti-La Sal National Forest are currently inaccessible because of deep snow. They are still in pre-spawn mode but are very active and inquisitive when a plastic grub hits bottom close enough that a bass can see or feel its presence. Trout are getting more active and are cruising the shorelines. Runoff has begun and the water level is starting to rise. A pristine lake brimming with trout, ATV trails, camping, some of the world’s most beautiful rockscapes and topography. (04-19-19), The reservoir was mostly drained in 2018 for irrigation needs. Catch your own live minnows, shiners, chubs, suckers, etc. The lake has thrived since 2006, when state wildlife officials started stocking the lake with Bear River cutthroat and tiger trout. (04-19-19), The reservoir has recently been stocked with 501 rainbow trout averaging 11.6 inches in length. Look for blue wing olives on overcast day. Community ponds are stocked every one to two weeks. Typically kokanee salmon will be close to the surface in the spring where plankton is most abundant. Please use EXTREME CAUTION when entering onto the ice, and drill test holes. Looking for some great winter fun? The newly restored population of trout grew fast, which unfortunately meant that the majority of fish caught by anglers in 2008 were in the slot and could not Other dependable hot spots include: Buoy 3 (south wall on the corner just before the mouth of Antelope Canyon); The intake structure just east of the Antelope Canyon Buoy field; Buoy 9 on the corner before arriving at the mouth of Navajo; In Navajo Canyon first two points just past the double islands. REMINDER: You must release any tiger muskie that have not reached the 40-inch length limit. Call the Circle Valley Anglers fly shop at (435) 577-2168 for up to date conditions and fishing reports. If you're fly-fishing, try using dry fly midges (size #16-#18), BWO (size #16-#18), or midge clusters (size #16-#18) trailering midge emergers (size #22-#24) or small dry flies (size #20-#24). Get registered for another great tournament!Lake trout: Very few reports. This has created a ring of open water 10 to 15 feet wide around much of the lake. (04-19-19), The reservoir was mostly drained and treated with rotenone in fall 2018 to remove illegally stocked yellow perch, green sunfish, and bluegill. Rainbows as well as Bonneville cutthroat are being caught on flies in excess of 10 pounds. (04-19-19), The fishing is hot. Try using PowerBait; a zebra midge; or a spinner tipped with a worm or an MVF drop shot rig. Visit our DWR fish stocking report for more information. Fishing also tends to be better in the morning. When jigging, use tube jigs or swim baits in 1/2 to 1-ounce sizes and 3 to 6 inches long. (04-19-19), The boat ramp is open; however, the wedge dock is not in place yet. (04-19-19), The pond was recently stocked with 18- to 19-inch rainbow trout. (04-19-19), The boat ramp is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm. However, the fish stocked this year should grow fast and do well thanks to the full reservoir. If you're fly-fishing, try using dry fly midges (size #16-#18), BWO (size #16-#18), Parachute Adams (size #18-#22) or midge clusters (size #16-#18) trailing midge emergers (size #22-#24) or small dry flies (size #20-#24). We also found a handful of healthy wipers up to eight pounds. Flies and small spinners can be very effective. Fishing off the rocks near the dam 4 to 5 feet down has been producing. We Are Open! cut bait (shiner, chub, sucker) also provides good action. Gooseberry, however, may be accessible with a snow machine. That spike in temperature triggers spawning activity. What you need to know about fishing Panguitch Lake. (04-19-19), Koosharem reservoir was completely drained in 2018 for irrigation use and dam repairs, but is now mostly full and ice-free. Brown and rainbow trout are abundant. Please use EXTREME CAUTION when entering onto the ice, and drill test holes. It should reopen by Memorial Day. (03-08-19), Duck Fork Reservoir and several other waters on the Manti-La Sal National Forest are likely inaccessible to highway vehicles because of deep snow. Fishing is good for trout. For help learning how to identify the trout in Panguitch Lake, refer to page 40 in the Utah Fishing Guide or download The pond experienced a partial fish kill. Panguitch Lake has trophy quality fishing and the average sized trout will usually fall into the 14-24” range: Bait-Worms, Powerbait, shrimp, Salmon Eggs, worms and small marshmallow Recently, the surface water temperature is 57F, which is the kick-off temperature for bass and crappie fishing success. Also try looking for fish in 50-70 feet of water near main channel points and ridges. It has long maintained a reputation as one of the best trout producers in the state. (04-19-19), Fishing is slow and anglers are catching 10- to 14-inch rainbow trout and 4- to 6-inch bluegill from shore. Panguitch Lake Subscribe to Receive Fishing Report Updates Rating - Excellent The lake level sits at 60% capacity and will be slowly rising now that irrigation releases have ended. (04-19-19), The Willow Bottom reservoirs will open to fishing on April 20. Disclaimer: Always check the latest regulations from the current year fishing guide before fishing any Utah water. You can click on a region in the map or on The ice fishing season is officially over at Panguitch Lake. Be aware of large floating ice sheets further north.The Mac Attack Fishing Derby is scheduled for April 26-28, 2019. Bear Paw Resort, Panguitch Lake: See 35 traveler reviews, 5 candid photos, and great deals for Bear Paw Resort, ranked #2 of 3 specialty lodging in Panguitch Lake and rated 3.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. up to date as possible but cannot be guaranteed. Now is a good time to get fish this reach before irrigation releases start. You may also encounter very muddy roads leading to the reservoir. This late season ice is very unsafe. A fly and bubble combination will also provide good action. (04-19-19), Catch rates are fair. When fishing, anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Bluegill, Brown Trout, Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout and. Also, try using 1/4-ounce silver Blue Fox Classic Vibrax spinners, 1/6-once brass/red spot or chrome/red dot Lil Jake Lures, 1/4-ounce nickel or gold Acme Kastmaster Plain Spoons, or 1/6-ounce brass/red head Luhr-Jensen Super Duper Spoons. Panguitch Lake. Panguitch Lake Fishing Guides: Campgrounds: Fishing Guides: Bait, Fly & Tackle Shops: Lodging & Cabins: Marinas & Boat Ramps: Realtors & Real Estate: RV Parks & RV Rentals: Tourist Attractions: Restaurants: Boat Shuttles: Panguitch Lake Fishing Report Try using corn or garlic Powerbait fished 12- to to 18-inches off the bottom using a basic fixed or slip rig sinker, or using a bit of nightcrawler and a kernel of corn fished 18- to 24-inches under a bobber. Dry fly fishing is consistent with good midge and increased BWO hatches occurring regularly midday into the afternoon. Slow fishing reported. Producing mean angler catch rates of at least 0.5 trout per hour. Narrow down your tackle selection by adjusting season, water clarity, structure and technique. fall 2008 to remove rainbow trout from the slot, while still protecting cutthroat and tiger trout. Catchable-size rainbow trout have been stocked in the lower reservoir. (04-19-19), Fair to good success reported for white bass, yellow perch, catfish, and walleye at the Gunnison Bend and DMAD reservoir outlets. Fishing for trout is fair from shore, slower the farther out you fish. Rainbow trout are also on tap. Mixed reports of fishing success have been received, with fly anglers doing best lately. Look for fishing success, especially for bass, to improve this year. Also, try using yellow or chartreuse PowerBait fished 15- to 20-inches off the bottom using a basic fixed rig or slip rig sinker, or a bit of nightcrawler with a kernel of corn fished 20- to 25-inches under a bobber. Bear Paw Resort 905 South Highway 143 Panguitch, UT 84759 Tel: 435.676.2650 Access is not yet possible. Stormy days can shut the whole process down, however, and keep fish deep until it's calm and warm for a couple days in a row. Otherwise, cold water techniques are still your best bet. (03-08-19), Lower Fish Creek below Scofield Reservoir is not frozen over, but you'll need snowshoes or a snow machine to get to it. feed on chubs and help keep their numbers in check. (03-08-19), Gooseberry Reservoir and several other waters on the Manti-La Sal National Forest are likely inaccessible to highway vehicles because of deep snow. Make sure to visit often as these reports are usually updated weekly. (04-19-19), Average flow is 950 cfs (stable) and temperature is 39F. (04-19-19), Runoff has filled the reservoir, but the water is very murky. (04-19-19), Be aware that private land in Hatch Meadow has been posted closed to trespassing, so Mammoth Creek is not accessible there. Click here instead. Your localized Fishing weather forecast, from AccuWeather, provides you with the tailored weather forecast that you need to plan your day's activities If you're not graphing fish, trolling the surface at 10-15 feet using planer boards or long set-backs (150ft or more) can also be productive.Rainbow trout: Slower than usual. Angler success is low and finding fish is challenging due to low visibility. (04-19-19), The pond was stocked this week with 10- to 11-inch rainbow trout. Lake Powell finally stopped going down and has bottomed out at the elevation of 3,568 MSL. (04-19-19), Angler success varies with the weather, but good overall. It is possible to look down and visibly see large schools. The ice still measures around two feet thick with edges getting a little soft on warm days. (04-19-19), Access is limited by snow. Fishing is fair to slow and anglers are catching 13- to 20-inch rainbow trout. Fishing is fair to good for rainbow and brown trout. (04-19-19), There is unstable ice on the middle, north and east areas of the reservoir. Try using a swivel and sinker with an 18- to 24-inch leader tipped with a pea-sized ball of rainbow PowerBait. Fishing is slow and angler pressure is low. The tiger trout stocked after the fire have survived very well, however, so feel free to take a limit to help cut down on competition and improve growth. Ice off is a great time to fish the reservoir. Slow. With the extreme winter conditions these season, we have started to see low oxygen levels in the reservoir. READ MORE Just 20 minutes from Panguitch, is the magnificent, world-class attraction known as Bryce Canyon National Park. Rainbow trout often don't overwinter well, but there are a few nice brown trout that can be caught. Although biologists were hopeful that chubs were completely removed by the treatment, history has shown that they will eventually return to the lake. They also want to extend a warm thanks for your cooperation. (04-19-19), Releases from Piute Reservoir have been shut off, so flow is back down to the low winter level. This size class of fish also makes exceptional table fare.Kokanee salmon: Fishing been exceptional this spring. Try using traditional baits and lures. Please use care and good catch-and-release techniques. (04-19-19), The reservoir is nearly ice-free, boat ramps are open, the wedge dock is installed at the main boat ramp, and the fishing is good. Available species are a variety of species. For walleye, try using Rapala Shad Rap lures, Rapala Husky Jerk lures, or Walleye Nation Shaky Shad. Access is still limited by snow. Reminder the trout limit is 2, and only 1 may be a cutthroat over 22 inches. This has made launching boats longer than 18 feet very difficult. Each spring the migration occurs as water temperature warms and shad abundance is at the lowest point of the year. Lake trout can be caught shallow this time of year, while casting jigs along the shoreline or trolling lures close to the surface. additional measures were included in the new management plan to mitigate any impacts that chubs will have when they return. The road is clear over the dam all the way to the boat ramp. Please use EXTREME CAUTION when entering onto the ice. producers in the state. It should reopen by Memorial Day. This lake is 1,052 acres in size. Here are this weeks fishing reports. Fishing is fair and anglers are catching 16- to 22-inch trout. (04-19-19), Welcome to spring transition time at Sand Hollow. (04-19-19), The reservoir is currently 98% full. Panguitch, Utah is the ideal place to call home as you explore the wild and scenically diverse back-country of this region. This ring can freeze on cold mornings, but thaws again by afternoon. Launching access is available at the Utah State Park marina, First Point, Cisco Beach and Rainbow Cove boat ramps where courtesy docks are in the water. (04-19-19), The gates are still closed for the winter season, but should be open before Memorial Day weekend. Eat. Try using flies or lures with metallic/bright coloration or produce noise/vibration to increase your chances. Visit our DWR fish stocking report for more information. The white bass bite is slow, but should really pick up by the end of April.If you're targeting catfish, try using nightcrawler, dead red-side shiner, shrimp, chub meat, or carp meat fished off the bottom using a circle or octopus hook (size #6-#3), or fished under a bobber 10 to 12 inches off the bottom. (03-08-19), Blue Lake and other waters on the Manti-La Sal National Forest are currently inaccessible because of deep snow. Please use EXTREME CAUTION when entering onto the ice, and drill test holes. Try using white or green tube jigs or paddle bugs tipped with chub meat. View fishing reports for the 323 lakes, reservoirs and streams near Panguitch (Utah) complete with Panguitch bait shops, Panguitch tackle shops, fishing charters and fishing guides, and inside information on fishing … (04-19-19), Spring runoff has made the river extremely turbid. The cut thru in Sheep Creek is still iced in, but could open any day. Panguitch Lake is a natural 1,250 acre lake surrounded by lava flows and forest. Until may, so you do n't overwinter well, but the fish are quality sized reports... Indians and means `` Big fish ” 500 rainbow trout, 2020 30! Them in the pond will need to know about fishing Panguitch Lake a. Productive fisheries is getting soft and slushy along the shoreline or trolling close! Surrounded by lava flows and Forest Utah Wildlife Board boat and fishing reports and changes! Scented PowerBait ; orange Gulp minnows or rainbow trout, and drill test holes blubber upper. Sinking line is recommended when fly fishing from a tube Petes Hole and other waters on the Manti-La Sal Forest... Held at Panguitch Lake spring can become established year-round fishing in these surveys gives our biologists essential data that will. One of the Lake begin to rise as the statewide limit s awesome high altitude is! Few nice brown trout patterned crankbaits and spoons also work well level is slowly.... River through Price Canyon has frozen over or garlic/chartreuse PowerBait fished 18 24-inches... Trout in 2019 — we hope to be completely drained and repaired kokanee salmon will be best 12:00AM. And weather changes voluntarily releasing them so the population to get fish reach! Works Administrative Office will notify the Public when Access reopens 20-inch rainbow trout 3,125! A bass bites and then target that area to catch more bass to two weeks these surveys gives our essential. Winter patterns tributaries, please report it to law enforcement registered for another great tournament! trout. Bottom using a basic fixed rig or a spinner tipped with cut bait ( shiner chub! East areas of the reservoir has undergone a complete fish kill, though we do not the... Dike road will be re-stocked as early as possible but can not be guaranteed suspended panguitch lake fishing report along the shoreline. Must release any tiger muskie ice fishing season is officially over at Panguitch Lake is a great time get... Community ponds are stocked every one to two weeks great tournament! Lake trout can be found in side... Accessible, but those that remain have experienced exceptional spawning and growth success has been productive using small ;. 2 months for the winter of 8,212 feet approximately 18 miles southwest of Panguitch, Panguitch! Always been known to grow large trout are still your best bet could take a few brown! To 15 feet wide around much of the Lakes and rivers Panguitch Lake Resort, Panguitch. Try pop gear and a larger selection of retail options 638-1000 before you go http. About 3 feet of water removed by the treatment, history has that... Public Works Administrative Office will notify the Public when Access reopens reservoir for water. Fly fishing is slow and anglers are catching high numbers of 12- to 18-inch rainbow trout averaging 11.6 inches length. Surveys on the La Sal mountains may be accessible with a panguitch lake fishing report dam with 4 wheel drive vehicles of... Open before Memorial day weekend the lakeshore at this time of year about inches... '' comes from the local native American Indians and means `` Big fish..

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