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stages of a grammar lesson celta

CELTA Lesson Plan No. Main Aim By the end of the lesson the students will be We have outlined what is needed in a lesson plan, so let’s look at how we can plan the various stages of the lesson. Hi Folks! Stage 1 Lesson type: Grammar clarification & practice Lesson No. The stock answer is: “Good question, but today we are looking at this grammar point.You’ll be studying that later in the course.” And move on quickly with the lesson. Multi-skilled coursebooks, staples of CELTA, are not always so helpful. This is the second part of a post about anticipating potential problems in the classroom. I missed a crucial lesson on Lesson Planning and stages, and really need some help on this.. Students : Consider who you are teaching and write down the class profile. A good example of this was a lesson by DL, which I observed on the twelfth of September 2013. Any links/general help much appreciated. Teaching English. ). Look at the sentence below and label the 15 parts of speech using the parts of speech given. 1. CAMBRIDGE ESOL CELTA LESSON PLAN Name: Clive Elsmore Date: 8 Mar 2012 TP No: 4 / Stage 1 Level: Upper Intermediate Lesson Focus: Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Vocabulary. I am looking for information on the stages of a Vocabulary, Speaking, Listening and Language focus lesson. The book authors typically base the grammar lesson on the context provided by the texts which immediately precede the grammar lessons. Watch Diane Dowejko demonstrate the stages of a reading skills lesson. the language point • In a TBL lesson, you need to analyse M,F,P,A of any topic-related lexis you intend to teach (Pre-task stage) and ‘useful language/expressions’ (Planning stage). You will need to use some of them more than once. Things to include ages, male to female mix, number of students in the class, overall level as well as any learner difficulties with English (pronunciation, grammar, etc. Having the correctly planned stages will help a lesson … Each phase of the lesson is clearly annotated. As a rough guide: • In a discrete-item lesson, you need to analyse the M,F,P,A of the discrete item i.e. Need help with lesson stages.. Sentence: A really good teacher thinks hard about likely errors and then he/she plans the lesson carefully. The Lesson Planning . This will help you think about the stages of the lesson. The lesson plan is THE most important element of the CELTA course.It took me awhile to catch on to this as nobody tells you. We have broken the stages of a lesson into 5 components: Stage 3 Let’s look at each in turn. There is no hard and fast rule, but you might want to try the following which many teachers find effective. There are a couple of problems endemic to this situation. These are taken from a Pre CELTA task that forms part of the CELTA Application. To have a successful lesson plan, it is important to know the stages of the lesson that are relevant to the subject matter being taught. 5 Lesson length: 40 mins ... S* N* *for this stage in the course Comment: Lesson plan cover sheet continued – Use this side of the sheet if your lesson contains any language i.e.

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