Imagine there was a single bottle of pills (My Product) that would positively impact your health – Something that would repair and support your cell’s internal organs and systems – something that would influence your physical, mental and longevity of your life.

Cell to Cell Communication

Would you want it?

Please search for a supplement with these ingredients and the benefits I am about to share.

The “Product” starts to work with a primary bodily system, the most recent and significant discovery of modern medical science. Located in all the major organs of the human body, the Endocannabinoid System has been scientifically observed to be a critical system that regulates almost every process in the body. This System regulates the intensity of the activity of your cells, body systems, and processes. By feeding your cells, organs and body with “The Product”, you will be:

  1. Balancing, energising, promoting and supporting cell communication.

  2. Healing and restoring your immune System

  3. Killing off the free radical “scavengers”.

  4. Helping cells absorb oxygen more intensely.

  5. Building the health of your telomeres determine the length of your life.

  6. Improving cognitive function, concentration and memory.

  7. Restoring organ function through regeneration and adaptogenic ability.

  8. Improving mood and decreasing irritability.

  9. Supporting digestive function.

  10. Increasing enzyme activity.

  11. Stimulating metabolism.

  12. Detoxifying pollutants.

  13. Intensifying the metabolism of proteins, RNA and DNA.

  14. Enhancing the permeability of the cell membrane.

  15. Repairing, regenerating and restoring cells.

Powerful Communication & Regulation Mechanisms

The Endocannabinoid System does this through complex communication & regulation mechanisms, at cellular, tissue, and individual organ level and in organ systems. Endocannabinoids, together with their counterparts, Endocannabinoid receptors, are the chemical keys that open doors in your body to get its processes moving and close the door when it needs to stop. They help maintain optimal balance in the body, also known as homeostasis.

When stress and chronic health conditions are daily, where environmental and internal stressors are primarily to blame, supporting a primary bodily system is essential. These tasks can be very prudent when you want to provide your family with the best quality of life. Do you agree that we need to take better care of this newly found bodily System?

We can enhance the well-being, experience and results of everything we do.

Cell-to-cell communication needs proper foods.

Good health relies on your cells properly communicating and getting the right food. When cells communicate and eat well, your internal body systems function better.

Ageing, stress, negative thought patterns and unhealthy eating can impair that ability. The Product, through only one of the ingredients – the glycans, provides strong support for cell-to-cell communication, which leads to better health and wellness.

I discovered that diseases occur in the body when the body does not absorb nutrients and the cells are not communicating with each other. The correct food is not available to the Endocannabinoid System in the cells.

Fulvic acid and Glycans are the elements that make nutrients absorbable and provide their ability to create a dramatic impact on all kinds of diseases and health problems that afflict the body.

Nothing will live.

I discovered that nothing, including myself, would live without pain and disease without these natural chemicals. It has saved me from being deficient in the nutrients I need to regain healthy knees, ankles, feet, and legs and get my blood sugars to acceptable levels. Search for a reputable natural supplement or work with your hands in organic soil – read my article on Fulvic acid by clicking here.

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