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Most Powerful Weapon against Life-threatening Diseases. More Powerful Treatment than Drugs. This treatment activates the process which cleans out all the old protein that blocks up your brain, causing, memory loss, moods and Alzheimer’s. It stimulates all your inner organs systems and starts self-healing. From my own experience this year, this treatment has been a […]

Anger – Love Video

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Why do we not get well and healthy with new cells constantly regenerating themselves? When the personality does not choose negative emotion, our physical bodies will vibrate in much greater harmony with its Soul, and disease will no longer consume us. Give yourself time-out from activity, stress and from thinking – about ten minutes a […]

Personality is controller

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Unconditional Health, Joy and Freedom – Inner-e Inner-e is the bridge between you and everything. The Inner-e relates to supernatural, divine forces throughout every cell in our body and throughout all levels of the physical and spiritual macrocosms; assuming you allow it to flow with positive intention. The Inner-e, in one way or another, embraces […]

Why The Inner-e

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Why The Inner-e The inner-e brings together and holds together, everything that belongs together. The Inner-e is stronger than any material force. It holds all the knowledge, information, understanding and wisdom that ever existed and is waiting to exist in the appropriate human being who is ready to open the door for it. Your inner-e […]