Contemplating for Mind over Health

The latest research in neuroscience and neuroplasticity confirms you can change your brain just by contemplating. 

Wealth and Health are Brain Choices.

Your brain consists of 10% neurons and 90% Glial cells. Glial cells are essential as they activate neurons and connect with them, they control the activity of neurons. Consider the neurons are the nouns and the glial are the verbs and adjectives. You access 100% of the brain all the time, but how do you make the best use of it?

Quantum physics is the most validated of all sciences today. Within this science are three others called epigenetics, neuroplasticity and neuroscience. We’re in the middle of one of the most significant scientific revolutions ever—a revolution in what we know about the brain and how to change it.

According to physics, the way to thrive into the future is to redirect our consciousness away from the fears of disease and focus on the possibilities of health and healing.

We are at a new time in history. We can’t keep meeting new challenges with the old patterns. With old emotions, egos and memories and expect our life to change. We must meet the unique challenges of contemporary science. This is not a world leader filtering down the new information or waiting for our Doctor; it’s a bottom-up process – changes on the ground up. Changes we must make to change our health, our environment, our community and then our world.

Why do some people have all the luck?

Ever noticed how some uncannily ‘lucky’ people can almost effortlessly attract good things into their lives? At work, they get all the opportunities. They lead social movements in their communities. They’re spiritual yet also have a healthy relationship with money. Their relationships are consistently blissful, and they’re always in the pink of health and never look like anything else but trim and slim.

If you’re like most people, life is a mixture of good days and bad days. You may not be poor or sick, but you worry about your money and health, a little more often than you’d like. You long for the time and freedom to live on your terms. You wish you were better at manifesting your goals. And so, you’ve probably wondered to yourself on more than a few occasions, “what will it take to improve my life?”

The answer lies in a fascinating phenomenon known as epigenetics – an invisible force that shapes your life experience.

We are not victims of our health, but we believe we are.

In all living systems, the successful attract resources; the failures repel them. Baboons at the bottom of the pecking order create hormonal poisons that kill brain cells and lower immune function, creating weakness, illness, ineffectiveness, and lowered status.

Those at the top make hormones and brain chemicals of well-being, confidence, and good health. They end up with more food, better living conditions… and more desirable partners.

Depressed hospital patients, who need the most care, are least likely to attract compassionate attention. Their complaints, anger, body language, facial expressions, and behaviour repel caregivers, while more cheerful, ill or dying patients attract better care and more nurturing.

From cells to societies, organisms less useful to the community are programmed to self-destruct. Apoptosis (cell destruction) rids organisms of malfunctioning cells; resources flow to antibodies that deal successfully with invaders and away from those who don’t – successful antibodies increase their numbers, while the failures are robbed of food and the ability to multiply.

At all levels, fairly or unfairly, internal and external resources are withheld from individuals who fail and flow to those who succeed, ensuring that resources are used effectively and creating the most significant success for living organisms. When an organism overcomes a problem, it receives additional benefits. Failing to master a challenge, though, activates mental, emotional, behavioural, hormonal, and neurochemical self-destructive mechanisms.

If moving in an unsuccessful, self-destructive direction (physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, or behaviourally), tools and approaches exist that allow us to step out of a self-destructive spiral and move toward a new and successful upward spiral.

Personality through thoughts creates your reality of winning or losing, health or illness. You can change it to benefit yourself and your health. The thoughts you think alter the electrical charge in the electromagnetic field that your atoms live in. When you change your energy frequency, you change your life. How do you become supernatural, you may ask? It would be best if you stopped doing what is unnatural – fear, judgement, etc. resulting in stress. Start by looking for those negative emotions like fear, then use that discovery for your BrainVibing.

Intention and meaning change you.

We have been hypnotized and conditioned that we need a reason for joy. Something outside of ourselves must happen – the old Newtonian cause and effect model. When something good changes internally, we look outside for a good cause, the event. This is called a memory.

The Quantum model of reality is to change how you think and feel. Broadcast the whole new magnetic signature and give thanks before the event is manifested. Materialists would never do that, but the quantum mind or immaterialist does that, and the result is phenomenal.

Once you start, new neuro networks begin to form. These new thoughts and pictures fire and wire the neurons and create a hologram or picture in your brain. This process signals the limpid brain to make neuro peptides and hormones. These chemical messengers dock on receptor sites on cells in your body. These cells start to receive new messages to create new genes. New genes make new proteins. New proteins move the expression of life. Just effectively changing a thought means new health.

The moment you imagine a new possibility through new thoughts, it’s called contemplation. With contemplation, you are causing an infinite wave of probability, which will collapse into new patterns of information in your brain, which changes your life.

You think about 60,000 thoughts in one day. 90% are the same thoughts as the day before. The same thoughts always lead to the same choices. The same decisions will lead to the same behaviour. The same behaviour will create the same experiences. The same experiences will produce the same emotion. Those same emotions will initiate the same thoughts.

Your biological body, circuitry, hormone, and genetic expression are equal to how you think, act, and feel.

New thoughts will lead to new choices, behaviours, experiences, and emotions, which will inspire new ideas. This is called evolution.

If you believe that your thoughts influence your life or destiny, the question is, are you being defined by a new vision of your future, or by a recycled memory of the past?

Your brain is designed to reflect everything you know in your life and have experienced to date. You wake up every morning, and the routine is identical. You drive to work the same way, meet the same people, who push the same buttons, work on the things you know so well how to do, and hurry home, check your emails, watch your favourite TV show, and then go to bed ready to start it all over again.

Did you change at all today? Your external environment is the same every day, which turns things on in different circuits in your brain, causing you to think about everything you know. If you are thinking in the same way, equal to your environment, you are creating more of the same reality. You cannot do the same things and expect different results.

So, to truly change is to think more than your environment. More significant than the circumstances in your life. Greater than the conditions in your world. Every great person in history did this: Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Arthur Luther King, Joan of Arc, and the Wright Brothers. They all had greater-than-life thoughts.

Can you see a future that you cannot see, feel or taste in your mind? You have thought about it enough times that it is in your conscious brain.

The latest research in neuroscience and neuroplasticity confirms that you can change your brain by thinking. Can you fall in love with that future potential in that quantum field?

Can you emotionally embrace that future reality before it’s made manifest? To such an extent, your unconscious mind begins to believe that it is living in that future reality in the present moment, so much so that it sends signals to change your body, and your body’s circumstances begin to change. The latest research in epigenetics proves it is possible.

Contemplating is the tool to achieve this outcome.

Once your body feels that the event has already happened, relax, as reality will find you. It is going to come in a way that you least expect. Why in a different way? Because if you can expect it, it’s nothing new. It’s your conscious mind playing tricks on you.

If you are, every single day, separating yourself from your external environment by contemplating, you are removing yourself from the exterior, past-thinking environment. You are settling your body down to confirm its new identity without involving the conscious mind. This will get you beyond your current personality, ego and time, where you forget about yourself. This is when you are at your most powerful. This is the moment of creation. Otherwise, if you are not separating yourself from your ego and creating your new personality, you continue drifting with the circumstances, especially the health conditions in your life.

How you think and how you feel creates a state of being. Familiar feeling keeps you in the past. By the time you are 35 years old, you are in a set of memorized behaviours that function like a computer program. This is 95% of who you are. Who are you at 70?

Recondition the mind through imaginative contemplation – forget who you are for these daily moments – forget your habits from the past during these contemplative times. Liberate your body from health issues through healthy contemplation.

The moment you start with a picture in your mind, contemplation is getting clear on what you want; marry it with an elevated emotion like joy, compassion, gratitude or love. This quickly begins to change your biology.

Start creating from the unknown. Keep contemplating every day. This will create neurological networks in your brain that fire together in you. Create new genes – A new state of being will create a unique personality. Walk the talk of your new thought-full picture. Change your actions to walk into a new experience. While enriching your brain, modify your activities and feel the emotions.

This process will condition your neuron body. The word is becoming flesh – the coded messages in the scriptures tell us this.

To enter heaven’s kingdom, you must become a child again. Young children are in a delta frequency pattern. They are virtually asleep, with their eyes open, running around growing up. They are in something like a twilight zone in their subconscious state, focusing on their inner world, but they are not aware of it.

Between 6 and 9, we develop an analytical mind. This mind separates the conscious mind (5% of the total mind, which deals with logic and reasoning, will and faith) with the subconscious mind (95% of who you are by age 35 – made up of all your habits and behaviours).

The analytical mind is constantly working with right from wrong, good from bad, continually analyzing, UNTIL we become stressed. It supports the ego – stress hormones are running through the system, and the analytical mind goes into high gear. We are highly active and move into high beta wave frequency. Nothing positive will ever happen in this hyped-up state.

That’s why we must relax and contemplate. The more educated we are, the more logical we are and, therefore, the more challenging it is to get passed the analytical mind, so by imaginative contemplating, we slip passed the analytical conscious mind.

We go from philosopher to initiate to master; From mind to body to Soul; From knowledge to experience to wisdom; From thinking to doing to being; From information to applying to transformation.

Most people wait for a health trauma or dreaded disease to finally make up their minds to change. Is it not far better to learn and change while in a state of joy, to build your healthy physical body.

All you have to do is, retreat for a few moments each day to relax, take yourself out of your environment and contemplate – watch your health and body change.

We live most of our lives in stress.

If you feel you are only a limited being, living an unhealthy life; if you take this information, repeatedly practise it, and be ungrateful for each manifestation, you will remain a limited, suffering person living in stress.

There are three categories of stress:

  • Physical stress like accidents, traumas and bodily injuries.
  • Chemical stress like viruses, bacteria, flu and other illnesses, including hangovers.
  • Psychological stress like traffic jams, family tragedies, second bonds, single parenting and arguing.

The brain and body are knocked out of balance, and the emergency fight and flight mode is turned on. In animals, it is only short-term, but humans are different to animals. We have memory. This means we can turn on stress by thought alone. It’s real. Same cortisol chemistry is produced.

We are conditioned and stressed by the past. Our bodies move into that negative mode every day, causing stress. We become addicted to our stressful emotions. We are addicted to our thoughts, which produce the chemicals we are addicted to. Disease is then created.

So, we can get sick by thoughts. The self is in survival, selfish, preparing for the worst mode. We force the outcome. We analyze ourselves and our problems, trying to force the outcome. We hang onto the familiar, the memory, the past. Parts of the brain become out of balance. The Immune system starts making white blood cells—diseases set in. We can’t change our health with our ego or analytical mind.

If you are frustrated, you are in high Beta. You are moving away from your operating system where change takes place. Beta and alpha wavelengths represent the conscious mind. The other slower wavelengths represent the subconscious mind where change takes place. We need to move away from the neocortex to the limbic brain, where autonomic functions occur.

When you are angry, your brain sends a message via the nerves to the entire body instructing it to shut down nearly everything except the muscles. Your eyes dilate, your heart pulse increases, and blood is sent to the extremities. It does not matter how or who makes you stressed, even your mother-in-law. It is all the same to your brain. It’s fight or flight, and the body is out of balance. Stress chemicals are running, regardless of how things appear or are. You are altered in this state, and you will have regrets, as you will do things you should not have done. We live unconsciously in this state most of our years.

Using the imaginative contemplative technique, the para nervous system is moved into relaxation. The body goes into relaxing, growth and repair mode. All energy is then being used for restoration and health. This is the state to train our brain and cells in our body to be in to heal.

Contemplation is making new synaptic connections, and then memory is maintained by acknowledging and sustaining those connections. Your frontal lobe is your control centre, your boss, where you learn and experience free will. This is what will function in full capacity when you contemplate every day.

The frontal lobe likes to focus on one thing. When you contemplate, it focuses on the inner new connections. The more you focus on one picture, the more you have one intent. One new thought could be: I am in love with life, I am happy, I am healthy, I am slim and trim.

This way, you will activate a new set of neurons. But there are old thoughts which contradict the new ones. These are historically firing and wiring in your brain. OUR WILL is connected to our spirit. You must keep firing the new wilful thoughts and insisting that this is your future. If you keep insisting that it is the thought you want in the centre stage of your life, this will become the loudest signal. This will become your reality with contemplation.

Once your body and brain have changed ahead of the actual experience, you have moved from living in the past to living in your NOW. When you successfully apply this paradigm, your brain and body are no longer a record of the past but a means to your future.

According to Quantum physics, the most validated of all sciences, the way to thrive into the future is to redirect our consciousness away from the fears of disease and contemplate the possibilities of health and healing.

Michael Plumstead