Most Powerful Weapon against Life-threatening Diseases. More Powerful Treatment than Drugs. This treatment activates the process which cleans out all the old protein that blocks up your brain, causing, memory loss, moods and Alzheimer’s. It stimulates all your inner organs systems and starts self-healing. Your nerve systems can start to reconstruct themselves. From my own […]

When to eat

Main Meal  – Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? This article is an extract from Dr Jason Fung’s report on the same subject. Physical and mental capacity is not impaired by a lion’s weeklong ‘fast’. They eat a large meal – storing much of the calories in their bodies and they are using these stored calories to […]

Weight Loss – New Science and It’s Free.

The most important fact to know is Insulin resistance is the major driver of obesity, diabetes and high blood sugars. The longer you have been overweight, the harder it will be to overcome. This is why diets fail in the long term for people who have been overweight since birth. Let me share why this […]

More Powerful than any drugs

Fasting Cure for Diabetes and Painful Legs. What does fasting mean to you? Is it a restrictive and unsustainable action, or is it a sensible and healthy way to stay fit forever? Can it be maintained long term? What are the benefits and risks of fasting, and what effect does it have on your body […]

Use Energy to Regain and Remain Healthy Health is energy which comes from nothingness and it has three absolute fundamental aspects that need to be considered in order to heal all our illnesses including our careers – Spirit, Soul and body. Contrary to common belief, the body is where we will focus to start the understanding […]


Go with your gut. Why Your Health Depends on Breading Good Bacteria I treated my sore legs, ankles, feet, diabetes, arthritis, bipolar and other diseases by learning to breed good bacteria in my gut. Research has taught me that all diseases, Cancer… Obesity… Diabetes… Cardiovascular disease… Autoimmune disease… Celiac… IBS… Crohn’s… Skin Disease… Allergies… Parkinson’s… […]