Chemical against Frequency Treatment

We are locked into a mechanical, Newtonian approach to illness and healing. This results in no cure for almost any disease, let alone arthritis or painful legs, bones, joints or feet.

If the body is not well, it sends us a signal, and we take chemicals that the doctor gives us to fix the symptom signal – not the cause. This is traditional allopathic medicine.

This is a small, old science, that has become too big for its boots, but works well with little things like headaches, but always has side effects which we are not even aware of at the time.

The alternative option is called energy, harmonic resonance or systems biology medicine. Information can be carried by chemistry or by vibration. So, we have a choice between the two. What is your preference? What effect happens with each?

The drug, in order to work, must combine with something, to have a chemical reaction. What then happens is, heat is created, which is wasted energy, which serves no purpose. If you use a chemical pill, let’s call it a 100% chemical signal, then there is a chemical, thermal reaction in the body, which I have to subtract from the 100% chemical drug, as it is heat coming off and is wasted.  More than 98% of that chemical is consumed in the reaction. Only 2% is transferred as information, which can and does work, but it is inefficient.

Vibrational energies like sound, electromagnetic fields and light, passes nearly 100% of the message through to the body. Energy is, therefore, 100 times more efficient than sending a chemical signal. Resonant information is profoundly more efficient. Also, how long does it take for the information to get from the source to its destination in both cases?

Its 1,000 times faster with vibrational energy. The body’s cells prefer frequency healing, that is profoundly more efficient and faster to avoid possible death of a cell.

Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics is a vast new science covering all aspects of the human being, including an even more significant understanding of the workings of the universe. Scientists, when they initially discovered quantum physics, were going into the atom and observing protons and neutrons. The science is now, able to look into these protons and electrons and realised, that they are like mini tornadoes, vortexes of energy spinning.

We now know that every atom is a vibrating source of energy. This is profound information, is giving us the key to a more advanced healing modality.

If you look at a peaceful body’s energy on an oscilloscope, which is a graph-displaying device, drawing a graph of an electrical signal, the chart will show smooth, regular and harmonious sine waves.  Whereas, a stressful body will show choppy, irregular waves.

Harmony is health; disharmony breaks down that health.

When you expose your body to a harmonious sound, you entrain your body towards being peaceful. This has been used for over 5,000 years. Music sounds can also be manipulated, for example, preparing warriors for war, by getting their bodies filled with adrenaline. It is used by major sports teams before commencing an important game. We all experience that effect when watching a drama on TV. It is the sound that gives us our emotions in a TV drama.

The body’s systems want harmony; they want to heal. They try and ward off disharmonious influences, but with our typical day to day lifestyle, this is not always possible.

Why can we feel an object if it’s just energy?

All the cells and molecules, by the very nature of everything being energy, creates a force field around and in your body, which is, what we feel when we touch somebody. We touch the force field given out by an accumulation of the energies within you.

Light reflection allows us to see each other and our surroundings.

If you attempt to drive into a tornado with your car, it will be the same as driving into a brick wall. The molecules and atoms create force fields, that can reflect light and generate, what we see as visible images.

How does energy communicate or heal?

Energy communicates with energy. Every atom gives off and absorbs vibrational frequencies, electromagnetic fields, sound and light energy.

So, how do you heal a cell, organ or systems? When two frequencies come together, they are either constructive or destructive interference re-actions. Constructive interference is when two forces come together that are harmonious, enhance one another, become one and become more powerful.

Destructive interference is when two energies come together and cancel each other out. That results in no energy at all.

Both are necessary for healing. Sometimes you want to enhance the vibration of an ailing organ or system, other times you want to neutralise the wave of a cancerous tumour or faulty cell.

This is fundamental to the new physics and new healing paradigm, which is called New-Health. Vibrational healing is rising in our civilisation because it is more effective, less harmful and more efficient than chemical drugs. And because of its ability to enhance energy throughout all systems of the body without any adverse effect.

How can frequency be effective with joint, bones and other arthritis diseases?

Bones have more nerves in them than any other system except the nervous system itself. Bones are very much alive; they are living; they are innovative. They have electric energy flowing through the nerves, which activates the sponge between the bones in the joints. This sponge is a liquid called synovia, which reduces friction between the bones. This fluid keeps the bones from rubbing against each other. If the bones do rub against each other, it is painful, because it is a nerve rubbing against another nerve in the bone. This sponge is activated by the brain and expands when the joint is about to be used.

The key is to keep the synovial fluid in tip-top condition by avoiding the build-up of acidic crystals, which allow a direct link between the bones. Frequency healing will enhance the cartilages, the synovial fluid and the nerves in the bones, to ensure maximum efficiency.

Bringing back a natural state of harmony is key with cancer, bone diseases and all other diseases. The American Psychology Association’s latest statistics show that 90% of all diseases, or at least doctor’s visits, are due to stress.

We need to decide to, and then, create an environment of harmony for ourselves. Sound, frequency, a good night’s sleep and being in love attitude, is an excellent way to create that environment. It entrains the mind and gets it to calm down and in turn sends out instructions via the nervous system to the rest of the body.

We can with this new science, measure how much cortisol is in the system, apply treatment and see the reduction, scientifically.  We can easily measure our stress levels and take action without taking a chemical drug.

Systems Biology.

Part of the new quantum science is called systems biology, the study of biological components, which may be molecules, cells, organisms or entire species. Living systems are dynamic and complex, and their behaviour may be hard to predict from the properties of individual parts because they work interdependently of each other. So, symptoms show a disharmony in a specific spot, but it does not show the cause of the problem, which may be elsewhere in the system, that brought it about.

Cancer is the symptom of the problem; it is not the cause; it was a cell responding to an issue that caused the tumour, that caused cancer. No diseases can thrive in a body with a frequency above 50 millivolts.

It’s a no-brainer to go the chemical route, when you have non-invasive, natural alternatives.

Watch this 13-minute video on the CellQuicken.

Michael Plumstead


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