What Type of Society is on our Horizon?

How will the selfish consumerism society change?


What is a consumerism society?

Consumerism, according to Wikipedia, is a social and economic order that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts.

Consumerism is the idea that increasing consumption of goods and services purchased in the market is always a desirable goal and that a person’s wellbeing, ego, and happiness depends fundamentally on obtaining consumer goods and material possessions. Our consumerism society goal is spending – encouraging consumers to spend is the major policy goal. From this point of view, consumerism is seen and believed to be a positive phenomenon that fuels economic growth, ignoring inflation while most of the world’s population are barely surviving.

It is what globally happened many years ago when a group of financiers dreamed of world supremacy. It was at that time when spirituality, morality was massively destroyed in the world and consumer society was built artificially. World enterprises, multinational corporations, private monopolies, the world market, focused on the formation and consolidation of consumer society. The world community popularized a man-consumer, with consciousness which was adjusted to a materialistic, egoistical perception of the world, consumer attitude to life, obtaining a personal benefit. And the meaning of life was reduced to a desire for a continuous increase of a level of income and welfare, career growth, upholding of egoistical ambitions which as a result did not give the required inner freedom and happiness to a person. Of cause, after such mass processing of consciousness, selfish thinking of man-consumer no longer perceived seriously the knowledge of the past, including that was considered sacred and passed down from generation to generation throughout the millennia as knowledge important for humanity. Absolute emptiness has to be filled with anything material. It is difficult for people to go beyond this material worldview, which also blocks in his consciousness the ability to allow him to learn more, to benefit mankind and become the next Tesla, Planck or Maxwell.

This uncontrollable, economic philosophy gives power and control to those who strive and succeed in becoming insanely rich. This material success leads to obscene behaviour which again negatively impacts the majority of hard-working large company employees. The concept keeps the world in debt as they strive for more and more, bigger and better.

Greed is the disastrous outcome of this capitalistic, consumeristic society which is negatively felt in every sector of mankind. Western pharmaceutical companies are one of many examples where the symptoms of the sick are treated to make them sicker in the long term. Our society is fed food that is given no thought to the health of the plant or animal, only the profits gained.

The answer is not communism which degrades humans into slave machines. No other government is simultaneously detaining a million members of an ethnic minority for forced indoctrination and attacking anyone in the world who dares to challenge its repression.

In this madness which encourages spending and material acquisitions, where there is no idea of enough is sufficient, and let’s share the excess.

We are living in a spiritually bankrupt culture where we are primarily driven by more money and not by “people matter” first. Most of us do charity work which is sadly needed everywhere, and I guess it also satisfies our conscience.

The solution to our consumerism economics lies with individual business owners, who want to care about people. They know that “people matter”. They also know that our existing debt-ridden society is no longer sustainable.

Once individual businesses embrace “enough is beautiful”, these businesses will lead the way to discover the knowledge and developing the technology to share freely with mankind. This will take everyone to a new level of joy, happiness, and deep-seated fulfilment. Nature and humans will regain their inherent spiritual sovereignty.

This will free people from material dependence and any consumer system. These pioneers of our age will bring humanity to an absolutely new side of attitude, worldview, scientific studying and practical research of space and man.

We will all share an inexhaustible source of free energy.

Let’s re-imagine the concept: “Enough is beautiful and people matter”.