“Diabetes cannot be cured” is a lie.

“Diabetes cannot be cured” is a lie.

Diabetes can be cured explains Dr Fung.

Medication aimed at high blood sugar levels does not cure diabetes because high blood sugar is the symptom not the cause of diabetes. Medication like metformin is aimed at reducing the blood sugar levels which does no cure diabetes or the consequences of having diabetes. Diabetes is no longer a chronic disease – it’s easily reversable.

The goal of medication to lower blood sugar levels is another lie.

Diabetes is getting worse with medication resulting in the risk of nerve pain, heart disease, blindness, heart attack, stroke, amputation, kidney failure, peripheral neuropathy, gangrene, Alzheimer’s, gum diseases, cataracts and glaucoma? The truth is, these things will happen when blood sugar and insulin levels are out of control. We have an epidemic of diabetes in most countries because Doctors are still prescribing drugs to control the symptoms of blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels do not cause diabetes, insulin resistance causes diabetes and obesity and they can easily be reversed.

The disease is not blood sugar; the disease is insulin resistance. We must treat the insulin resistance like I have done for myself. Insulin resistance is the driver of diabetes and obesity, and NOT high blood sugars.

Diabetes is a slow silent killer.

Slow rise in blood sugar and insulin resistance that start to develop over time until we reach insulin resistance. Then the beta cells shut off in the pancreas. The primary function of a beta cell is to produce and release balanced insulin. Now the trouble sets in for the unknowing victim as they silently head towards diabetes and its terrible consequences mentioned above. – not even low fat or low carb diets manage, let alone, cure diabetes.

The diagram below shows the ideal healthy working of insulin, liver and pancreas.

Fatty liver comes before diabetes.

As you reverse the hepatic fat, the insulin sensitivity goes back to normal. Fatty weight in the liver comes down first before the body weight. When you are fasting, the first place that the fat comes from is the liver. Reducing the liver fat starts to restore the insulin sensitivity.

How do you get fatty liver?

From insulin resistance itself, and excess carbohydrates regardless if good or unhealthy food.  Excess carbs are firstly stored in the liver, then the pancreas, then the body’s cells.

Two cycles going on – the liver and pancreas. Some of the fat is going to the pancreas which pushes out more insulin trying to get glucose into the body’s cells to generate energy but it ends up like trying to give an alcoholic more alcohol, its futile and only makes the insulin more resistant which in turn makes the diabetes worse and the blood sugars go up.

Consider the calorie reduction diet theory, also known as calories in, calories, out.  This is a flawed theory according to Dr Fung; If you reduce carbohydrates, you should lose weight.  But everybody, like myself, who have struggled with their weight knows that it is only a short-term loss of weight, never long term. The weight always comes back on again and again. We will deal with why later. But first, If we can accept the scientific fact that insulin causes weight gain, then why do high insulin levels running over long periods of time tend to make it difficult to lower the insulin levels, so that we can easily lose weight.  Something is clearly missing here.  That missing something is insulin resistance.

What is insulin resistance? 

Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the body.  For it to have its desired effect, it must bind to receptors in the body and then signal what the next step is which is usually to offload glucose into the cells which in turn will produce energy. Let’s use an example to explain “resistance”. There is a major problem in many parts of the world with antibiotic resistance – the super bug.  As you use more and more antibiotics, there tends to be a natural selection for antibiotic resistance organisms to survive and reproduce.

With the continued use of antibiotics, there tends to develop antibiotic resistance.  By understanding this concept, we can see that the key weapon to prevent the development of antibiotic resistance is to reduce the use of antibiotics.  That is, antibiotics cause antibiotic resistance.

This is the same problem we call insulin resistance.  Insulin resistance leads to more insulin hormones being created which leads to very high insulin levels.  We care about the high insulin levels because insulin is a major driver of weight gain and diabetes.  As we become obese, we are driven by hormonal factors to eat more, like drug addicts who are driven to take more drugs as the effect lessens with each “high” binge. In other words, drugs cause drug resistance.

Not only do high carbohydrate intake lead to high insulin levels, but high insulin resistance also leads to high insulin levels.  It is this insulin resistance that leads to the time-dependent effects of obesity.

However, there is one important question unanswered.  What causes insulin resistance in the first place?  The problem lies in the lock, the receptors in the cells.  When the insulin receptor does not respond quite the same way that it used to, this is insulin resistance.

What causes insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance is a natural response.  The automatic response to antibiotic resistance is to use more antibiotics.  The automatic response to drug resistance is for the abuser to use more drugs.  The automatic natural response of insulin resistance is increased insulin levels.  As with antibiotics and drugs, this does not overcome the resistance, it makes it worse.

Insulin resistance works the same way.  As we develop resistance, our bodies increase the insulin levels to attempt to get the same result, glucose into the cell.  However, the price we pay to get the glucose into the cells is increased insulin levels which leads to all types of health malfunctions in the body in including the brain.

As high insulin resistance is a silent killer, I now use a Quality Health Analyser kit at home to scan my body once or twice a month to check my insulin, nutrient levels and all my organs and systems to watch if there is a negative trend developing because of the insulin resistance. I also keep a record of my daily weight and waist measurements.

I used to fear weighing myself because I was not losing weight despite during that period, doing exercise and a low carb diet – Doctor’s orders including the metformin prescription. In hindsight, the low carb and low fat diet was the worst lifestyle I could have adopted. I’ll let bygones be bygones. Let me tell you a little about the Health Analyser I bought myself which played a major role in getting my blood sugar levels and diabetes back to normal at 70 years of age.

My first aspect to check on my Health Analysis report would be, my levels of insulin resistance. The implications of this report are enormous.  If this theory of Dr Fung’s is true, then the hormonal obesity theory looks like this:

  • Insulin leads to insulin resistance.
  • Insulin resistance leads to higher insulin levels.
  • Higher insulin leads to even more resistance which leads to even higher levels.
  • Which leads to weight gain, diabetes and frightening possibilities of pain and death.

Now, suddenly, instead of the diet being the major driver of insulin levels, it is insulin resistance that is the major driver of insulin.  This high insulin level now drives further weight gain.  These are issues that will get worse over time because it is a vicious cycle.

The fat-get-fatter. 

But the reason is not that they are eating more or exercising less than skinny people.  The point is that their insulin is driven largely by resistance and not their diet.  They are not lazy.  They are not gluttons.  They have a hormonal imbalance that needs to be addressed; even if these people starved themselves, it would not help their weight.

The implication is that people who have been obese for long periods of time will find it harder to lose weight.  Those who have recently gained weight will find it much, much easier to lose weight because they have not had a chance to develop significant insulin resistance.

Those, like myself, who had childhood obesity will find it hardest of all to lose weight since they have had it their entire lives. One of the biggest risk factors for obesity in young adults is childhood obesity.  Those who have childhood obesity have more than 17 times the risk of obesity going into adulthood.

The conventional and disastrously incorrect thinking is that controlling the blood sugar is the most important part of diabetes – it’s just non-sense according to Dr Fung.

You might think that the better you can control the sugar, the better diabetes and the healthier you will become. You are disastrously wrong and will cause yourself irreparable damage with this strategy. You are not to blame yourself, that was the conventional thought.  These type 2 diabetics intensified their insulin treatment to tightly control the blood sugars.  They started taking insulin every day to control their blood sugar. This made insulin more resistant and was pushing them towards the terrible consequences of diabetes. Even though, sugars were very well controlled.

But what happened to their insulin resistance?  The more insulin they took, the more insulin resistance they became.  Since diabetes is a disease of insulin resistance, that means their diabetes was getting worse, not better.  High levels of insulin cause insulin resistance. High levels of insulin cause weight gain. It is not the blood sugar level that causes diabetes or weight gain.

Eating 500 fewer calories than yesterday becomes rather insignificant.  The major question in obesity is this:  What is driving up my insulin? Since insulin levels are way up, the body gains weight.  Reducing daily calorie intake doesn’t matter.  The body will only further reduce caloric expenditure to match and make the body gain weight.  Insulin drives weight gain.

That brings us back to the question of weight gain.  Insulin drives weight gain.  But what drives insulin?  The carbohydrate-insulin theory assumes that carbohydrate intake drives insulin, but that is incomplete.  Insulin itself will also drive insulin resistance which will increase insulin in a self-reinforcing cycle.

However, most current thinking about obesity completely ignores these effects even though they are plainly obvious to anybody and everybody.  Since type 2 diabetes is all about insulin resistance, this also leads us to the inescapable conclusion that insulin causes diabetes.

Taking away the high insulin levels reverses the insulin resistance, reduces weight, cures diabetes and takes the pain out of the legs and joints, from my personal experience.

Insulin causes both obesity, high blood sugars and diabetes.  This is the new science of Diabesity.  With this new understanding, we are led to entirely new possibilities for the cure of diabetes.

If high insulin levels are the cause, then the cure is to lower insulin levels. But how?

Have sustained periods of fasting and not reduce your calorie intake.

By fasting, you are opening the door for that energy from fat to come out. You then use up fat stores, and during the process, you are not hungry after day one. You are working with your body, Self-Healing.

Breakfast is “breaking the fast”. It’s been part of our everyday life since we were born. If we balance feeding and fasting every day, our insulin will stay in balance, but we don’t, we eat until late and snack all day. It does not matter when you break your fast – but don’t force yourself to eat breakfast because of some belief or advertising. It is no more important than any other meal. Not eating, when you not hungry is a good starting block. Missing one meal every other day is the ideal place to start the process. This is called intermittent fasting.

Dr Gundry: What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is lengthening the time between one meal and the next meal. I think the longer you can go between meals, eventually, the better it is for you. Intermittent fasting means that you are probably going to eat at least one meal a day, maybe two.

Fasting is, or what most people would define it as, at least 24 hours without eating and usually longer than 24 hours. Time-restricted eating is virtually the same thing as intermittent fasting. You are going to eat all your calories, in a set period of hours, during the day.

How Does Intermittent Fasting Work in Terms of Weight Loss?

There was a new study published that looked at intermittent fasting and people with type 2 diabetes. The results of the study showed about a 15-pound (7Kg) weight loss in about three months. If you are restricting the time you are going to eat food, you are going to restrict calories because it’s virtually impossible to cram a lot of calories into a small amount of time. So it’s an easy way actually to practice calorie restriction the correct way.

Examples of intermittent fasting.

Some people give themselves a two-hour window of time (between 6 pm and 8 pm). So, for 22 out of 24 hours they are fasting, and then for two hours, they are eating.

I eat a healthy high fat breakfast at 8 am and a high fat-meat lunch at about 3 pm. This gives me a 7-hour window to eat and 17-hours of fasting with only drinking water or black coffee during this intermittent fasting period.

Dr Fung has discovered the latest benefits of fasting:

Dr Fung claims that Kidney failure is the most significant diabetes outcome. Acute kidney failure happens when your kidneys suddenly lose the ability to eliminate excess salts, fluids, and waste materials from the blood. This elimination is the core of your kidneys’ primary function. Body fluids can rise to dangerous levels when kidneys lose their filtering ability. The condition will also cause electrolytes and waste material to accumulate in your body, which can also be life-threatening. Heart events happen soon after this renal failure, along with other life-threatening diseases.

Dr Fung continues: There are no harmful effects on fasting. Fasting is the magic bullet; it is one of the most powerful weapons we have against weight loss, insulin resistance, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. He has written a book “The Complete Guide to Fasting”.

Dr Mercola: There is no better metabolic intervention than fasting. It activates autophagy and the regeneration of stem cells. Your mitochondria become happy. Everything is heading in the right direction when you fast: It all comes down to insulin resistant, which is a hormone issue activating mTOR and so much more.

Cure your diabetes with 16-hour daily fasting and 8-hours of eating a very low carbohydrate and very high good fat diet of your choice. I basically include lectin-free veggies and organic meat every day and once every two weeks I fast for 48 hours and only drink pure coffee and green tea during the fast. I do not snack during the day or evening i.e. I never snack.

Fasting has so many benefits read my article called:

“More Powerful than a Drug”.

Every hour you can add to your daily intermittent fasting, would benefit you enormously. You can start with 12-hour fasting, then move easily to 6-hour fasting and then to 18-hour fasting every day. Eat at mid-day and then early evening.

Type 2 diabetes is curable, according to Dr Fung, Dr Gundry and Dr Mercola.

Type 2 diabetes is curable, and the cure is less than inexpensive — it’s free. In fact, you actually save money, as the remedy is fasting and regularly not eat anything for several days, saving you money on food and eventually on medication as you regain your full health.

Join me, Let’s walk stress and pain-free, together,

Michael Plumstead