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Writing and using an eBook in your business is a powerful tool. I have published a book on “The Road to Self-Healing.”

Give me some pointers on any alternative health topic you want to be researched and written about. I will write an eBook and then, if you wish, create web page content based on your eBook theme, possibly followed up with articles, blogs, and a series of informative and nurturing emails.

I have created this eBook strategy for many decades both for myself and for others, including for scientists, manufacturers, franchisors, health and wellness retailers, mentors, trainers, to name just a few categories – see my bio for samples of my work.

I can discuss your strategy and help you achieve your eBook writing goals. I’m able to carry out research thoroughly, prepare outlines, develop content around each section, and ultimately design your eBook and other supporting content in any format.

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