Explore Outer Space

From sky gazing to space activities: These classes keep abreast of what is happening off-planet Earth. From human activities like Elon Musk’s SpaceX and others, to the James Webb Space Telescope capturing stunning images millions of miles away, to the occupation of the moon and Mars, including planets further afield. Updates on Nasa’s exploration of the Solar System, including the joint Artemis program, China’s space station, planned hotels in space and the latest International Space Station news. We will discover all the countries supporting space projects or launching rockets into space.

Each Presentation has new content.


The Planets Class

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Reaching the Moon Class

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International Space Station + Mars History Class.

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Events Happening in Space.

This class covers various topics:

  1. Astronomers may have, for the first time, witnessed a sun-like star devouring a planet, shedding light on the fate that will befall Earth in about four billion years when our dying sun swells to engulf our world.
  2. Solar storms could smash into Earth.
  3. The Full Buck Moon of July.
  4. Hunt for dark matter and dark energy.
  5. Virgin Galactic aces its 1st-ever commercial launch.
  6. NASA’s ‘quiet’ X-59 supersonic plane.
  7. India to launch Chandrayaan 3 moon lander and rover.
  8. SpaceX Starlink satellites had to make 25,000 collision-avoidance manoeuvres.
  9. Blue Origin’s BE-4 rocket engine exploded during June 30 test.
  10. A Space Hotel Could Open as Soon as 2027.

And more…


Our Future in Outer Space.


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