How to Reboot Your Business and Thrive

“Business Owner’s Guide to Increasing Growth & Business Value through creating your own unique eBook.”

Michael Plumstead

Business has changed, perhaps forever, due to the coronavirus causing lockdown, unemployment, and bankruptcy. Once we emerge from this crisis, business owners and managers need to reinvent their product offerings and methodologies to survive and thrive in the post-coronavirus economy.

Start with creating your unique “Business Impacting One-line Sentence.”

Now is the chance to reimagine your marketing mix, starting with a “Business Impacting One-line Sentence” to get clear where to start.

Step two is to create “The Business Impacting One-liner eBook.”

Now comes the difference to the past marketing, you start, yes start, with writing an eBook based on “Your Business Impacting One-liner” concept.

Step Three – The landing Page for your eBook download.

“The Business Impacting One-liner” eBook’s content now moves to the copy on your landing page on your website. After downloading the eBook, the potential customer is taken to a “thank-you” webpage with more of this content in the form of a video interview – nothing new except for the specific “one-Liner” content message.

For a detailed explanation of the eBook process, download my free eBook about eBooks.

As you have gathered, your eBook consists of in-depth information about a specific topic. When crafted with your audience in mind, it’s a surefire way to gather a following and show readers your brand has value.

Through your industry experience, you have developed unique skills, knowledge, and expertise. By sharing that in an eBook, you build a reputation as an authority in that segment. This is of immense value to your business.

 Staying small and niched in business is the next big move in business.

The Business Impacting one-liner eBook is not a sales tool – it’s information sharing to build a relationship and credibility. People want to deal with a company that knows what they are talking about. When you can offer them an eBook on a topic that can solve their business pain, they will realize they can rely on you to provide the information they need to make the right decision when they need it.

 Consider the benefits of strategizing using eBooks:

eBooks for business is where you start launching your growth – it’s the most effective marketing tool to pick up where you left off before the lockdown. Many small and medium businesses are looking for the best ways to reach their target audience without spending a lot of money. eBooks for business is a great solution to focus on the type of leads one is looking to attract.  Couple your website content with the eBook’s content and you have a great solution to attract new customers. Couple articles, blogs, and nurturing emails with the same content into the marketing mix. You have the ultimate, cost-effective solution to focusing your niche market on assisting you in making the potential customers come to you to discuss their solution. This concept takes over from trying to be everything to everybody.

The Business Impacting one-liner focus eBook is a lead magnet; it is going to help your brand improve its lead generation. It is easier to grow your nurturing email list and grab users’ attention when offering them valuable information for free. You want to teach your potential customers new things so they can succeed in their endeavours, thanks to your information.

Successful businesses need to connect with the right people if they want to grow and increase their sales. A niched eBook can be an effective method of building these valuable relationships. People will see you provide useful information to prospective customers, and they are more likely to turn to you when they need the solutions they provide.

Download the free eBook about eBooks.

Your customers get detailed information and solutions to their problems, and you receive elusive contact information and qualified leads to make your marketing efforts successful.