Michael Shares via video.

Are Science, Health and Spiritual the same? I am thinking about it in this video.

Michael starts to briefly share his health journey, hopefully, to benefit you with your various diseases like Diabetes 2, cancer, arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, diabetic neuropathy, and painful legs and joints.

Seasons come and go like the cells in our bodies. Did you know that pain is the biggest disease on the planet, thanks to our nervous system? Our nerves are an important system to ensure an enjoyable, pain-free lifestyle until we die at a ripe old age. What is the number one food to feed our nerves to keep them healthy?

The easiest way to keep your nerves healthy is to exercise them in the shower. At the same time, you get your lymph fluids flowing, which is essential if you sit most of your day at a desk. Our nerves are a vital system for ensuring we have an enjoyable, pain-free lifestyle until the day we die at a ripe old age.

Be aware of greedy consumeristic manufacturers that bottle olive oil. What olive oil should you be using? And why should you eat olive oil?

Let us support our own belief system and not be two-faced. Whom do you support when you are shopping for food? Support those who want you to become healthy.

There is very little original content on the internet. Why do people steal other people’s content and use it in a way that is theirs? Why do people not want to give recognition to the original creators of the content?

Cancer, diabetes2, arthritis and many, many other diseases are curable. There are plants and ingredients from nature that have proven to be successful in treating conditions; some have been used for hundreds, even thousands of years. Why is it hidden from the public? Why do those fortunate enough to be aware of and take the treatment? Others never become aware and possibly die because of their ignorance or simply because they trusted someone who was also ignorant of the truth out there in the natural world.

Intent, wish lists, New Year’s Resolutions, desires – do you try or allow your life to flow? Do not close the door on the universal energy that is all-knowing and ever-present.

High blood sugar and insulin resistance in festive times of the year. Michael asks WHY do we do it and risk a heart attack. Why do we ignore our dietary discipline – I am the worst culprit.

Blood acidity leads to blood inflammation which leads to diseases. Kidney problems. What to eat to improve absorption, and to normalise the blood.

Blood acidity leads to blood inflammation which leads to diseases. Kidney problems. What to eat to improve absorption, and to normalise the blood. What is healthy for me?

Regurgitating other people’s lies is commonplace on the Internet. Why? Health and wellness, for example, can only be shared with authenticity through personal experience. You can become healthy.

What do you believe in? Why? Do you believe that something is healthy, or do you know for sure?

Why is the most powerful three-letter word? Why is it acceptable to tax people until they are enslaved? Why is it acceptable to lie in the media? Why are drugs so expensive?

We have 12 plus 2 systems that make up our body. Do we only focus on one? Michael shares some thoughts about his health journey.

Join Michael for coffee. Go and do what? Six minutes of Michael’s thoughts about change, contemplation, and What our purpose is.

Let me introduce the Alternative Life project, which focuses on people suffering from nerve-related diseases with only drugs to keep their lifestyle ticking over with discomfort and pain.

Strengthen your nervous system.