Mitochondrial to Energy Channels

Transform Your Life, Health and Longevity with Energy.

Quantum physics, especially epigenetics, describe all human beings as being 100% vibrating “energy,” and the mitochondria are the “energy factories” of the body, several thousand of which are in nearly every cell in the body. Mitochondria are the power generators in our cells that exist within our body and our brain. They are supported by energy channels running throughout the body.

The mitochondria cell’s job is to process oxygen and convert substances from the food you eat into higher energy than the food itself. They produce a high percent of the energy needed for the brain and body to function.

Mitochondrial diseases occur when the mitochondria fail to produce enough energy for the body to function correctly. Any cell in the brain and body can be impacted and depending upon the location of the affected cells; symptoms can differ.

Mitochondria act at the interface of numerous processes critical for cellular function and organismal health. The energy channels play an even more important role in health, energy and longevity.

Mitochondrial maintenance is essential for the proper function of cells and tissues, and mitochondrial dysfunction underlies numerous disease processes ranging from severe childhood disorders to heart disease, neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, generative disease, inherited disorders, mitochondria disease, heart disease, myopathies, muscular dystrophies, balance, obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, painful legs, bones, joints  and ageing itself.

As I have mentioned, the primary function of mitochondria is to produce energy for the cell; unfortunately, this critical function declines with age, if not addressed. I repeat, if not addressed.

Why not enhance the mitochondria bioenergetics to slow your ageing down, improve your health, especially from dreaded diseases and wellbeing?

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I am going to focus on the more important energy that not only keeps our organs and total body in peak performance, but our mind and subtler bodies.

Drive your Mitochondrial-Cannabinoid’s Energy.

Energy drives all biologic activity within individual atoms and molecules, as part of cellular physiology, up through organ-system and whole-person functioning, and, ultimately, the entire biosphere in which we live. There is a flow of energy from, and into, our cells from outside of our bodies. We are energy flowing at various frequencies within specific dimensions.

Science is making dramatic breakthroughs in understanding how the invisible inner-e energy (my term for it) throughout the universe and the mitochondria work and what is required for our enduring optimal function. Genetic and epigenetic vulnerabilities have been discovered; the effects of toxic environmental exposures on energy production have been revealed, and connections between poor energy production and many clinical conditions have been discovered. Physiology is one side of the coin, but we are also learning about the broader energy landscape; there is much to be gained about energy self-healing.

The endocannabinoid system

In recent decades, the endocannabinoid system has attracted considerable attention as a potential therapeutic target in numerous physiological conditions; such as in energy balance, appetite stimulation, blood pressure, pain modulation, embryogenesis, nausea vomiting control, memory, learning and immune response, as well as in pathological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune diseases and multiple sclerosis.

Cannabinoids are a group of diverse chemical compounds that act on the cannabinoid receptor cells within our bodies. Endocannabinoids are internal lipid-based neurotransmitters and one of several components that work together to make up the endo-cannabinoid system. This regulatory system is known for keeping several biological, energy-based, processes in a state of balance. Some of its everyday functions include managing pain, memory, cognition, mood, immune response, sleep, and appetite.

So, where do energy channels fit into our health and self-healing?

The Energetic Body – The Inner-e.

Inner-e energy flows throughout the body in channels in a similar way that blood and the lymph flow through various channels in the body. When this energy becomes blocked, or disproportionate to its maximum efficiency, the environment for a disease is created along that channel or in the organ that it serves.

The goal of many energy- medical treatments is to optimise the circulation, balance the body’s energy or specifically increase the organ frequency. Typically this is done through modern methods of energy healing such as ultrasound and acupressure. Energy treatment will either prevent or cure disease, regulate metabolism, support mitochondria cellular health and boost the efficiency of the immune system.

Inner-e balancing.

Epigenetics has shown us that every aspect of the human being consists of energies vibrating at varying frequencies. The Inner-e power is always present in our bodies, but its delicate balance and fluidity are essential for growth, recovery, general health and longevity.

Balancing the inner-e means not only distributing energy evenly throughout the body but also achieving a balance of the transformation of creative and dissolving energy. These two types of energy are opposite yet complementary and interdependent. These energies are part of the duality of our physical universe. Each bodily function uses both energies simultaneously. The one energy lives because of the existence of the other. Energy is never destroyed, it is transformed and re-created, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the previous entity.

Meridians are energy channels.

Meridians are channels that direct the flow of energy through specific pathways of the body, much like the circulatory system holds and transports blood. Each side of the body is covered by six meridians, three creative and three dissolvers.  Every meridian corresponds with an organ but encompasses the more extensive functions of that organ as well as other organs around them. For example, the kidney meridian is responsible for urinary health but carries sexual energy and affects reproductive processes as well.

Meridians connect all major organ systems. Each meridian plays a specific and crucial role in the health of the entire body. If the energy flowing through a meridian is imbalanced in any way, the system it fuels is jeopardized, and disease may result. Good health depends on the circulation and balance of the unseen energy throughout the entire meridian system.

Examples of energy meridian functions.

  1. The Lung’s function: Regulates respiration and intake of energy. Symptoms of imbalance: Viral and bacterial infections, excessive perspiration, inflammation issues in the upper parts of the body, problems with the olfactory organs (nose/sense of smell), and adverse skin conditions.
  2. The Large Intestine’s function: Extracts and processes water from waste material before expelling it. Symptoms of imbalance: Abdominal pains, and on an emotional level, difficulty holding on or letting go.
  3. The Stomach’s function: Digests and extracts energy from food and distributes that power to the spleen and intestines. Symptoms of imbalance: Feelings of worry and nervousness, and a lack of acceptance.
  4. The Spleen’s function: Distributes nutrients throughout the body, maintain muscle and limb tone and regulates blood flow. Symptoms of imbalance: Diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, lack of appetite, prolapsed internal organs, weak muscles, general fatigue, brain fog, and absentmindedness.
  5. The Heart’s function: Circulates blood to all the organs in the body. Symptoms of imbalance: Chest pains, palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, hot flashes, cold sweats, irritability, and insomnia. A healthy heart meridian allows for joy and bliss in one’s life, while an imbalance can lead to psychological problems like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.
  6. The Small Intestine’s function: Distributes nutrients throughout the body. Symptoms of imbalance: Poor circulation, weak legs, feeling cold, swollen lymph glands, sore/stiff shoulders, acne, nerve pain, poor digestion, and stomach distention.
  7. The Bladder’s function: Removes liquid waste from the body. Symptoms of imbalance: Stiffness in the neck and shoulders, headaches, back pains, and all urinary diseases. Emotionally, an imbalance of bladder energy causes feelings of anger and an inability to express emotions.
  8. The Kidney’s function: Stores sexual energy, regulates the reproductive system and produces blood and bone marrow. Symptoms of imbalance: Genital-urinary disorders, backaches, asthma, and tinnitus. On an emotional level, the kidney meridian controls willpower, determination, and ability to cope with hardship.
  9. The Pericardium’s function: The pericardium is the area surrounding the heart and protects, lubricates, and removes excess energy from the heart. This is important because it disperses energy throughout the body preventing the heart from becoming over-energised. Symptoms of imbalance: Disorders of the heart, chest, and stomach, as well as difficulty expressing emotions, depression, aversions, and phobias
  10. The Triple Warmer’s function: The triple warmer controls the body as a whole. Rather than being responsible for a particular organ system, it controls metabolism and regulates heat, moisture, and body temperature. Symptoms of imbalance: A wide range of disorders—since the triple warmer is responsible for the whole body, an issue with any organ in the body is in some way associated to an imbalance in the triple warmer meridian.
  11. The Gallbladder’s function: Stores and expels bile produced by the liver. Symptoms of imbalance: Bloating, liver pains, and yellow discolouration of tongue, skin, or urine.
  12. The Liver’s function: Circulates energy, regulates menstruation and the female reproductive system and maintains flexibility of tendons and ligaments. Symptoms of imbalance: Menstrual disorders, dry skin and eyes, jaundice, blurred vision, vertigo, stiff joints, and headaches. On an emotional level, an imbalance of energy in the liver meridian results in anger, irritability, depression, and a lack of control and emotional flexibility.

Energy hot spots

Acupuncture and acupressure are very similar, and both use the same map of acupoints located on the meridians of the body. The difference is that acupuncture accesses these points through needles while acupressure uses the less invasive technique of touch. Acupoints are “energy hot spots,” or places along the meridian where energy collects, making the energy more accessible there.

Sujok Therapy is another effective treatment using the energy hot spots, especially in the hands allowing self-healing to be done at your desk or in a lounge chair while watching TV. I have found it to be effective.

Su Jok therapy using acupoints can be manipulated to increase or decrease the flow of energy in a meridian. When energy is deficient, these points can be accessed to clear blockages and stimulate circulation. When there is too much energy flowing through or stagnating in a meridian, these points are manipulated to disperse the surplus of energy. A good experiment to prove to yourself that it works, when you next have pain anywhere in your body find the appropriate “hot spot” on your hand and massage it with your other hand.


New Paradigm Shift.

Changing the way we think about energy, will shift us into a new reality of self-healing. Ancient mystery schools trained their initiates on how to do this and new revelations from quantum science reaffirm these techniques. Theresa Bullard, PhD in physics, deftly interweaves complex concepts from ancient mystery teachings and quantum physics to bring us real-world ways in which we can heal ourselves, deepen our spiritual-energy connections and manifest a fulfilled life.

My future articles and emails will reveal transformative technology, vibrational medicine, and the answers that lie in spiritual-energy-science.

As science reaffirms ancient mystery teachings with research into quantum physics, we can begin to tune in, deepening our collective energy connection to the universe and all that lives within it, transforming ourselves in a mirid of ways including our health and longevity.

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Michael Plumstead