Perfect Health – Beware

While the conscious mind is remarkable, the subconscious mind is even more awe-inspiring! As your conscious mind only processes one choice or action at a time, your subconscious mind simultaneously processes 10 Quadrillion unconscious choices and actions per second. Once activated, subconscious goals, wishes, choices, and actions persist until met. Think about this previous fact seriously.

This is the key to perfect health and faster evolution.

Let’s explore activities and exercises that allow you to access and expand your awareness of your subconscious.

Let’s define a few words.

The capability of your subconscious mind is far beyond what anyone can imagine. Many experts claim that most of us use only three percent of our subconscious mind. But how do we use it at all? How does this mind become the key to our health?

Before I go over a few of the feats the subconscious mind is capable of, I need to clarify a couple of definitions.

First, you need to know what I mean by conscious and subconscious minds. The part that you are aware of is your conscious mind. On the flip side, the part of your mind you are unaware of is your subconscious mind; that was simple, wasn’t it?

Another aspect that needs clarifying is the difference between “brain” and “mind.” The brain is that physical organ in your skull. The “mind” is a larger and more elusive field that is outside your body. There is a huge difference between brain and mind. The brain is the physical anatomy and the mind is what the brain uses through its activity – the software. The mind is the source of the thoughts supplied to the brain. So, we consist of visible and invisible energy bodies that interact with each other.

New Science Discoveries.

Recent discoveries in the new field of psycho-neuro-immunology show that even the brain is not confined within the cranium – it extends throughout the body especially in the stomach area. The brain and body are no longer two distinct entities. Your brain can control, directly or indirectly, the body and vice versa. Even individual cells have brains like mini humans.

This new field is exciting but, again, for our purposes today, you can think of the brain simply as that wrinkled organ in your head with a distinctive left and right side.

Biofeedback is now an accredited method in the medical profession for controlling involuntary subconscious functions. A few of its capabilities are reducing blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and eliminating migraine headaches. But, unfortunately, it requires an expensive instrument and a skilled technician.

Biofeedback is not the only way to influence your subconscious mind. There are other ways that are easy and cost nothing. I will talk about this in another blog soon.

The crux of using your subconscious mind is to appreciate how different it is from your conscious mind. Even though the conscious mind body and subconscious mind body exist next to each other, they have vastly different characteristics.

The operation of your conscious and subconscious mind working together cannot be separated. And, if they do not work together, the results can be harmful, for examples poor health, seeking destructive relationships, and inappropriate behavior, such as, poor eating habits and temper outbursts.

The subconscious mind contains the software for your involuntary functions, emotions, and habits. Most of your habits and emotional conditioning were programmed in early childhood before you had mature faculties to make proper decisions. Many were programmed haphazardly and usually by parents, teachers, peers, TV and, recently, perhaps, computer games.

Freud said, “We learn as children how we react emotionally and this is carried into adulthood. When we are children, we do not have the faculties that we do in adulthood. We do not know what we are going to need in adulthood to cope. Therefore, as adults we often react as children.”

These old programs are still influencing, if not controlling, your behavior even though many are counterproductive. Some may even be destructive. When you understand the subconscious mind and a few of the laws it obeys, you can change these childhood programs. You will become the master of your life and evolve in consciousness more quickly to live a happier, healthier and wealthier life.

Beware of your Sub-Conscious Mind’s limitation.

Your sub-conscious mind is looking after over 60 trillion cells in your body and ensures amongst other functions that your heart beats and your blood flows. Even though this sub-conscious mind is your powerhouse, it has one limitation.

Your sub-conscious mind cannot distinguish between a real emotional event and something you just continue thinking about with emotion. Think about having a terrible nightmare, you are frightened and you wake up sweating, but you were not in any real danger – it was all in your mind. It was not real, but you re-acted as if it was real.

Thinking about running a competitive race in every detail will activate every muscle that would be used in the actual race. Your sub-conscious cannot differentiate between the serious thinking and the actual event.

The placebo effect is the same. A third of allopathic doctor’s treatments are healed by the placebo effect. The patient knows, believes, thinks, he will get healed and he does.

The nocebo effect is the opposite, where people believe, know and think it will not work and it does not work. This seriously contributes to illness.

Both these effects cause changes in the brain, the body and in behavior. A hypnotist works in a similar manner and can change the body’s strength, tastes, behavior and state of peacefulness.

96% of the time, your sub-conscious working on autopilot, decides on the healing, or not, of your body.

The key to health.

So, the key to your health lies in the sub-conscious mind, the mind you and others have programmed. Everything you see, feel, taste and experience will affect the software in your sub-conscious which in turn will affect your quality of life and health. For example, a child witnesses 8,000 simulated murders in TV programs and cartoons. Remember the sub-conscious does not know the difference between a real emotional event and a TV induced emotional event. The same applies to adults watching TV or playing computer games which are real to the sub-conscious mind. Even the words that come through a radio broadcast have a frequency which can affect you. Positive words have a higher vibration to negative words.

The Cell Quicken RoyalVibe is a non-intrusive, high frequency device that can positively help reprogram the sub-conscious mind to heal any diseases or behavior patterns while you are asleep at night.

Health is our BirthRight.
Michael Plumstead