Personality is controller

Unconditional Health, Joy and Freedom – Inner-e

Inner-e is the bridge between you and everything.

The Inner-e relates to supernatural, divine forces throughout every cell in our body and throughout all levels of the physical and spiritual macrocosms; assuming you allow it to flow with positive intention.

The Inner-e, in one way or another, embraces all aspects of human existence, including the life on Earth and beyond; everything, from immaterial, non-physical, highly spiritual and invisible, to things that are real, material and alive like the cells in our body.

The Inner-e creative life force represents a never-ending cycle of transformation, from life to death and then to life again, never-ending. The Inner-e holds the power of all self-healing, rejuvenation, rebirth and regeneration including the Supernatural and Soul.

The multi-dimensional Inner-e is controlled by our personality regardless if we are talking about: awareness, consciousness, intuition, cycles, balance, intellect, secret knowledge, mystery, creativity, fears, threats, vindictiveness, unconsciousness, spirituality, changes, transitions, energy, betrayal, death, rebirth, fertility, immortality, healing, transformation and so much more. In simple terms our personality chooses between the ego’s selfishness and the Souls selflessness. See the image at the start of the article.

The Three Promises.

Life on Earth is the most fantastic opportunity we have, the chance to make this time our greatest adventure, allow our dreams to come true, to develop and control, our great personal story. All we need is the knowledge of the “how”.

With three exceptions, we are born on earth with everything we need.

  1. The first aspect we were not born with is holistic self-knowledge;
  2. The second is knowing where we came from; where are we going after death;
  3. and why we are here.

Knowing “how” everything works in and around us is what the Inner-e deals with on our behalf, and we need to understand it. Understand the Inner-e; and you will understand and be able to action, how to make your life one of unconditional freedom, health and joy; including after death.

You also have the choice of conditional enslavement, pain, misery and short-lived happiness. You chose. But do you know how you decided? This category of enslaved, selfish people have unconsciously learnt the negative “how” and have grouped up with the black magic types who believe there is only the physical world and the purpose is to grow the ego and material possessions.

The average citizen of the earth has been brainwashed to follow this grouping unconsciously and religiously. We accept the western culture of consumerism. Is there an alternative? Yes, there is.

The Inner-e is the energy-bridge between us and everything else in our existence. The Inner-e road to Self-Healing of understanding and connecting your personality, promises unconditional freedom, joy and health. All the knowledge we learn about the Inner-e does not solve any current problems and challenges; only applying and actioning the knowledge will bring change to your life’s circumstances. The self-knowledge is the essential first step.


Many people are not in an excellent state of health. One of the contributing factors is that most people link health exclusively to the physical body. While the physical body is essential to living and enjoying life, when we only associate health with our physical body, we fail to recognise other factors that contribute to our overall well-being and fall prey to stress and energy diseases.

The Inner-e is a connection between body, including the brain, mind, soul, emotions, spirit and recognises that each is a part of the whole influencing your total existence. Now, integrative medicine and health psychology are beginning to realise that health is affected not only by the physical body but all these other aspects too. Your health is dependent on all five facets, as opposed to just one of the five. Health is affected by energy and frequency moving down into and out of, the various bodies.

The health of our physical body is affected by our personality’s emotions and feelings. These are sometimes coming from the thoughts we entertain and focus on every moment of our day.  Our higher Inner-e energy level sways our mind and our thoughts. Let’s look at what I have just said:

The Spiritual Energy

The spiritual energy is our source of energy. Some people may call this spirituality. For others, it could have more to do with the cells in the body or the scientific quantum energy science. Whichever way you choose to view the source of your energy is perfect; its all part of the Inner-e. The Inner-e being the resulting manifestation in all your bodies without beliefs or technical jargon.

High-frequency energy and information trickles down from the heavenly dimensions into the physical universe, and firstly enters the mental body through the sub-conscious energy field. To fully access the spiritual aspect of our being, we need to keep this connection wide open. If a blockage occurs, energy and information are unable to flow freely from the heavens down through the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Therefore, daily Inner-e practice is so essential to maintain this open connection. To be in a state of harmony between each of the layers of our being, we need to connect with our Soul and develop our feeling of spirituality as much as we do our mind and emotions to create a solid physical foundation. This will be part of the “how” on another day.

The Mental Body

On a surface level, the mental body is your thoughts. On a deeper level, it consists of your conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind using our brain as the hardware; it is the domain of our personality which houses our beliefs, desires, values, and goals. Beliefs are opinions and convictions that we hold as being true without having immediate proof. Values represent what we own internally as most important in an area of life. Values and beliefs can come from thoughts that were formed very early in childhood or even before that period.

We all have desires to achieve or acquire something in our lives, which is why we set goals and intentions to help us get where we want to go. Some surface-level conscious-thoughts, may create goals or desires, direct our mental focus from moment to moment. This is how our logical, linear minds learn and operate, and it is one of the aspects of ourselves that is most familiar to us.

As energy comes down from the spiritual-Heavens into the mental body, and if, you are operating primarily from the ego-mind, there will be a diversion and change in the quality of the energy. This psychic energy exists in our society today; the personalty being the predominant force, and this imbalance can keep us stuck in a perpetual state of thinking, strategising, plotting, and doing, doing, doing.

An open spiritual connection enables us to access higher levels of information and energy, which the personality can effectively utilise to make balanced, wise choices that unfold more Inner-e potential for us and everyone else involved — more about the “how” another day.

The Emotional Body

The emotional body is all your past, present, and future emotional experiences. It is the aspect that houses emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, resentment, jealousy, and shame. Whenever we have an experience, it generates feelings that are associated with past similar experiences, and we develop a label to identify the emotion. Emotions and memories are categorised and stored, and they influence how we respond to lessons at that moment.

As information and energy flow down from the mental body into the emotional body, it can bump into stored baggage from the past and create some turbulence. Stored baggage can come from past fears, which can project into the future and cause anxiety. Or, it can come from experiencing a lot of anger or resentment toward someone, which can cause irritation or resentment later in life when the same thing happens with a different person. You may even develop a belief that all people are this way.

When there is excess baggage, thoughts from the mental body will generate emotional stress that trickles down and affects the physical body. A person with overwhelming stress will, at some point, experience physical symptoms because of the emotion-mind-body connection. According to an article published by Harvard, research shows that negative emotions can harm the body and health is linked to overall physical well-being.

Therefore, it is imperative to develop Spiritual intelligence and to adopt practices to have a more positive outlook on life, both mentally and emotionally. When our thoughts are more optimistic, our emotional states will be more positive, and when our emotional states are feeling good, our physical bodies will be healthier. More about the “how” another day.

The Physical Body

Our physical body is the reflection and total sum of all aspects of who we are manifesting in shining good health or disease. It is a barometer that indicates how things are going in all areas, and it also provides the information for complex interactions of muscles, bones, connective tissues, vital tissues and organs that carry us through this life.

Exercise and healthy eating are what come to mind when most people think about physical health. Your choice of light exercise and diet aren’t the only thing to consider when striving for good physical health. We all know physically fit people who have clean eating habits but who carry excessive mental and emotional stress can wear on their health but not show symptoms for many years. While it may not be immediately recognisable, chronic stress takes a tremendous toll on the physical body. Stress occurs when our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs are not open, balanced and communicating. Stress triggers the fight-flight response, which is a survival mechanism that is hard-wired into our DNA. It is how our physiology prepares to respond to potentially life-threatening events. When this response is repeatedly triggered, it weakens the immune system and the physical body and drastically lessens the opportunity to connect to the Soul which has a direct link to the divine energies without passing through the material cosmos and all our other bodies.

Health is much more than just the absence of disease. True health comes when we can create harmony between each of the five bodies, especially with the Soul. Our physical body is our foundation in this life. It is what everything else is built upon, and it is the host to our Soul which is on a journey; Our Soul needs to be brought into our Self-Healing exercising; But, it is equally important to exercise each of the other four bodies regularly to maintain harmony. We need to establish our health, fitness, and wellness regimens for all our bodies, not just the physical. Fortunately, integrative medicine and integrative psychology are both on board with this to varying degrees, and many healthcare systems are beginning to incorporate options that support this, for example:

  • Move your body – like yoga, stretching, dancing and balancing
  • Prepare fresh, organic meals
  • Get plenty of restful sleep
  • Receive regular massages
  • Spend time in nature
  • Regularly fast
  • Meditation, contemplation and mindfulness.

Taking time to tend to ourselves will open energy-information channels. With these open, clear connections will equate to active energy flow through all the layers of our being, which creates a spiritually connected, mentally stimulated, emotionally cantered, vibrant life.

We are all seeking more happiness, connection, joy, health, and fulfilment. Finding ways to exercise each of your five bodies regularly will help to cultivate more of what you seek — more about “How” another time.

Personality is the controller of health and eternal, unconditional joy.

Michael Plumstead

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