Personality is key to healing

Spiritual Healing with Soul Connection.

Currently, we know that everything is energy vibrating at different levels or speeds. What is everything in our daily lives? Our senses like sight and hearing, pick up only specific ranges of these frequencies. We consist of unbelievable energy systems inside and outside our physical body, including various energy fields and dimensions outside of our bodies. Our bodies extend into six dimensions.

The essential aspect of our “human being” bodies is our personality. It lives between the “human” element and the “being” aspect of our physical and subtler bodies. The personality makes the choices between heading in the direction of the ego or towards the Soul. This choice is where health improves or deteriorates.

To be healthy all our life, we need to be healed on all energy levels of our body. Starting with a small varied diet consisting of a diverse range of all colourful vegetables and fruits is a good starting point. Eating once or twice a day with other regular periods of fasting is a good idea. This will lay the platform for all the nutrients needed by our bodily system to be stored and ready to play their part when the other, more subtle areas of our being are healed. Healing works from the higher frequencies to the lower ones; from the subtler bodies to the dense physical body – from the Spiritual to the cells in our body.

To be healed, we need to know about the various energy bodies to pay attention to them and be able to move towards total health and liberation. Self-knowledge is important.

The human-being’s Inner-e energy structure.

The human body is a perfect bio-machine outwardly and inwardly. We work in three-dimensional spaces doing all types of thinking, actioning and communicating every day. But there is something that is often not understood; it’s the human energy structure.

We are surrounded or rather encased in a four-sided energy pyramid where the pinnacle is separated from the central part of the pyramid. The body emits energy which is depicted by various colours. The brain depicts a different colour to the organs throughout the body. This is called the aura energy body.

This aura represents the health of your physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual energies. The aura is often seen as a mix of light coloured frequencies where each colour defines its nature and characteristics. The vibration of this aura is very fine and subtle so we need sophisticated instruments to detect it or perhaps we can use our inborn intuitive mechanism and our latent psychic potential to train ourselves not only to see the aura but also to interpret the different colours and shapes in the aura which can reveal information about our health. Knowledge, I repeat, about “self” is important in living an abundant life.

The personality is located in the centre in the top pyramid that is about .5 m above the head. Personality makes choices between spiritual growth and material focus.

The area between the top pinnacle of the pyramid and the base is the field of physical consciousness which holds one’s true values with numerous aspects like your emotions and interpretation of colours to name two aspects.

One’s Soul is located roughly in the centre of the body in the vicinity of the solar plexus. The Soul is who you are, the real you, the eternal you that has come to earth to mature in the world of duality through experiences and choices to progress along the path back to our spiritual home. There is a yearning in the Soul to return home. This is the reason many of us keep asking ourselves why are we here and whats the purpose.

The Soul constantly sends energy signals to the personality. The Soul and personality are connected with a silver cord through which the Soul sends these messages to the personality.


Thoughts are energies that come from nowhere and from everywhere and are stimulated in the physical consciousness field. Subjectively, our thoughts come from nowhere: they pop into our heads or emerge in the form of words leaving our mouths. Objectively, we can say that ideas emerge from neural processes and that neural processes come from everywhere. What I mean by this is that thoughts are attracted to you with everything that your consciousness is inherently familiar within the universe. The same thoughts are attracted to good and bad people from all directions and energy fields based on their physical consciousness.

The personality is tasked with choosing what to focus on and action – selfish or selfless?

From the consciousness field, the thoughts enter the personality and the mind, which is the software of the brain. At this point, thinking, feeling, and action takes place.

The Ultimate Purpose.

As I have already stated, the Soul is continuously sending the personality messages trying to connect with it. The ultimate purpose is to fuse the personality with the Soul resulting in powerful spiritual energy directing the human being through the personality. This Spirit of God power, working through your Soul, activates your ascension to a higher plane of existence. To use an analogy, it is like upgrading your computer with super-advanced software to perform like never before the upgrade took place.

If the personality regularly chooses Soul attributes, instead of ego attributes that pull the body down into the materialistic consumer world; then life becomes peaceful. By making spiritual choices in day to day life, it will become your natural inner nature which in turn strengthens the pull between Soul and personality.

If the personality gives more attention to the soul, a transformation starts taking place, and you can feel it. When the personality fuses with the Soul, a new being is formed; a being of the spiritual world; a being experiencing heaven while on earth. Everything changes. It is hardly believable. Self-healing happens.

You can now benefit the world in its evolution of becoming a free world where there are no wars, poverty, starvation, climate issues and free medical treatment for everyone on this planet. Yes, there are already people all around us in every country that are in the this community of self-realized Souls.

This human being will not only work fewer hours with maximum pay but balance life with all the time for arts, music, sports and time to help the people of the planet. This will bring unconditional joy, peace and fulfilment; heaven on earth – unbelievable but true – knowledge and personality choices moving towards the Soul is our purpose.

You are no longer affected by the good and bad dualistic aspects of the world. You are in a dynamic space, evolving, self-sufficient, spontaneous, detached from outcomes; Soul is now organising using the all-knowing, all-powerful and ever-present spiritual energy, even in your deep sleep. The Soul puts one in a new “space” and your life changes dramatically for the better based on love and kindness – it’s your choice.


The concept of spirituality means different things to different people. In this article, it means deliberately choosing to aspire to connect with Soul, which is connected to the spirit of god.

We do this each moment of every day by allowing our personality to consciously develop authentic attributes of the Soul such as compassion, discernment, faith, high ideals, harmony, joy, inner knowledge, intuition, kindness, openness, patience, self-responsibility, serenity, tolerance, wisdom and a gentle love for aspects of creatures living on the planet.

Being spiritual is not the same as being religious, which involves following the creed of a proclaimed religion. Someone will be spiritual without following any dogma. Religion’s role was to teach morals and virtues, which it did very well over the past 2,000 years.

Those who are religious can now become spiritual by following the same road as the spiritual person, discovering their highest ideals of the Inner-e. The road leads towards the merging of the personality with the Soul. This merge heals all aspects of the lower energy and physical bodies. With the Soul in charge, your life becomes peaceful, joyful and abundant in all the elements you need to continue your heavenly journey on earth.

In Christian terms which is my background, for instance, we are advised to “seek first the kingdom of heaven, and all else will be given onto us”. In Inner-e terms, this means first to choose and action our higher aspirations to help humanity and planet earth before ourselves while striving to connect and merge with our Soul.

Spiritual Inner-e development should not be confused with psychic development. We live in a psychic, duality, energy environment. Psychic energy is not the spirit of God energy; it is what our physical consciousness is made from in this physical dimension; even psychic abilities are no measure of spirituality.

The Inner-e

What is the source of life for the all-important personality? The source of life for a plant is light and water. Using this analogy, light is the spirit of God, and water is our daily attention on the Soul. We need both the Spirit of God and our focus on Soul during each moment of our day. Give a plant only one source of life, like light, and it will wither and die. The personality needs both sources of growth.

The Human Being consist of material and non-material bodies – animal and spiritual nature. We must pay enough attention to the physical to just keep it at the withering stage, not flourishing or dying. Give it enough attention to keep it alive and functioning. Place more focus on the spiritual road towards the Soul. This will allow all aspects to flourish and grow, including the physical body.

Some people give all their effort and attention to the human-animal, egotistic self and its environment. They even create intents and strategies to acquire more material comforts and riches to feed their ego. Their Soul is not an aspect to even believe in. They entrap themselves in a quagmire of finite pleasures with no thought about their eternity or after-life.

From time immemorial, humans were perceived to be spiritual and not physical. Human beings became selfish and power-hungry to the extent that anything spiritual was merely a fantasy interfering with their worldly life.

Developing the spiritual road towards the Soul is now far more critical than the moral and ethics that religions taught us. We have learnt those lessons, the personality is now able to choose between the ego and the eternal Soul; we need to unite with Soul and move into eternal life in the heavenly planes as soon as possible before climate change destroys the planet and leaves us without a spiritual school – earth and without having connected to our eternal spiritual connection to the heavens. What then happens to “us” our personality and Soul?

Personality is the Key to Healing and Eternity.

Michael Plumstead

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