Proppergating Indoor Plants as Gifts.

Trying to find the best present for someone who loves plants and flowers?

The easiest gift idea is to buy one of the best indoor plant options, a flower that blooms all winter, a mood-boosting herb, a sturdy succulent, or greenery that may bring better sleep.

Let me help you think outside the, well, pot.

You can’t go wrong with incredibly chic pots and planters for their new buds, top-of-the-line tools, or gardening gloves.

Why not propagate your own indoor plants, plant them in an attractive container and give it as a birthday gift?

This class will focus on propagating some beautiful indoor plants. Grow small trays of useful wheatgrass to give away as presents or, perhaps, gift a unique plant that cleans the air indoors and gives out pure oxygen.

Maybe add a card explaining heart-warming aspects of the plant you are gifting.

Watch the class here.