Re-invent Your Life

Why Not Re-invent Your Life?

“Don’t look at the people around you who are doing things and think that they  are made of something more than you. Don’t get psyched out, they are not  made of anything different from what you are. “-Liz Murray

“You know that feeling, where you just don’t want to do something? Where you just want to give up? I think to have perseverance, is to know exactly how to overcome that feeling,  every time it hits you.”

These words, spoken by Liz Murray, take us through her journey from homeless teen to Harvard graduate and inspire us all to put in what it takes to make the most of our own potential.

Liz is one of the people who will show just how far determination, confidence, and perseverance can get you in life, no matter if you start from the very bottom. Her story is about overcoming the odds and reinventing yourself and building your own full-time income part time.

Liz Murray was born in the Bronx. Her family was on welfare and both parents were cocaine addicts. Her mother an HIV-infected drug & alcohol addict and schizophrenic died of AIDS at 42, when Liz was only 15. Her father then abandoned both her and her older sister by moving into a men’s shelter. They now had to fend for themselves. She went to high school and wound up sleeping in subways, park benches, or at a friend’s home. She ate out of garbage cans. After years of truancy, sleeping on streets and shoplifting food to survive, she was emotionally and spiritually bankrupt.

She did not fall into the trap of self-pity. She had lived a life of enabling her parents and spent her nights looking out the window to make sure they returned home safely from scoring drugs. She wrote an essay about her experiences as a homeless teenager and from it she won a New York Times Scholarship for needy students. This would prove to be her ticket out.

She was accepted into Harvard University but subsequently left the following year to begin her career in motivational speaking. She wanted to be closer to her sick father so she transferred to Columbia to continue on with her education.

The Liz Murray Story aired on the Lifetime network; her life was an inspiration to many; She has been awarded The White House Project Role Model Award, a Christopher Award, as well as the Chutzpah Award, which was given to her by Oprah Winfrey.

Her book Breaking Night: A Memoir of Forgiveness, Survival, and My Journey from Homeless to Harvard revealed that her older sister graduated from college and become a school teacher for autistic children and that her father died of AIDS. She finished her education at Harvard and continues to take graduate courses to become a clinical psychologist. It is her dream to be able to counsel people from all walks of life.

Now Liz is an inspirational speaker who speaks out about determination. She believes no matter how hard life is, you have to move on. You must continue to work your way through the battles. She teaches us that she could overcome hardships to achieve success.

Manifest Living is a company that empowers adults to create the results they want in their own lives. Liz is the founder and director of this amazing organization. Her passion now is to help transform the lives of others. Now that’s what I call a relentless journey.

I bow to your relentless persistence and subsequent achievements Liz.

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To Us All Re-inventing Ourselves,
Michael Plumstead