Contents of the 70 page “Pain-Free Legs” eBook.

The Creative Future of Self-Health. 3

Creative Approach to Medicine in the Future. 3

Beware: The Blood Acidity Level 5

Inflammation is a friendly warning. 9

But Beware. 9

Nerves are one of the secrets to Painful legs and living a longer life. 21

Good Foods for the Nerves in Painful legs. 22

Fasting. 24

Most Powerful Weapon against Life-threatening Diseases including Painful Legs. 24

Psycho-neuro-immunology. 34

The subconscious mind is a habit mind. 38

‘Nutritional Psychiatry’ for Your Brain Health. 41

Ego defence mechanisms. 43

What are typical subconscious beliefs that people store?. 43

Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit Connection. 48

How to Eat to be Healthy. 50

Macronutrients: 50

We need Micronutrients: 50

We need Macronutrients. 52

Macro-minerals. 52

Micro-minerals. 52

Enzymes. 55

DNA, nucleotides – your life depends on them!. 57

Suggestions for your vegetables, meat and fat for Optimum Health. 60

Avoid these foods to heal painful legs and joints. 61

Energy Inside and Outside Your Body. 62

Personality is key to all healing. 66

The Inner-e. 69