Einstein was right; the definition of insanity is doing the same thing every day over and over and expecting a different result. I am personally guilty of this insanity and have been for decades. But is it my fault? Nobody and I mean nobody, has the answers for perfect health. Doctors cut everything up into parts, like motor car parts, put the part or symptom in a box, and treat the box. Scientists are proving and have been proving whatever they set out to prove. As a result, this group proves what is healthy to eat, and the next group proves them wrong, all with scientific proof. Where does that leave us, the consumers?

Over the last century, there has been a fundamental shift in what we have been told to eat; but the epidemic of ill-health still, and will continue, until we stop listening to the same old thing over and over again that happens to be the popular diet of the day.

Science, through the quantum physics breakthrough, has shown us parts of ourselves that nobody knew existed like the topical subjects of the microbiome and mitochondria in our cells. We have learnt to our surprise that aliens occupy and control us in no small degree from within our gut microbiome and in all our mitochondria in every cell throughout our body. These little aliens even have their own DNA; they are not part of our human physiology. They use us to survive and evolve. We are their willing hosts as we also need them to survive and keep healthy. But these chaps come as good and bad guys, live within us based on the food, lifestyle and other choices we make each day of our lives.

Who looks after your health problems?

Your doctor cannot keep up every year with the thousands of new science-health and natural-cure discoveries. The pharmaceutical companies do not want much of the latest cures to be made public if they cannot patent and make money from them. It’s just easier to keep on with the decade-old drugs like chemotherapy and surgery for cancer patients. Read my book: Cancer Holocaust, the Road to Self-Healing”.

Everybody needs help with the latest healthy living discoveries by scientists. Whether it’s painful legs, or diabetes prevention or management, most people need help figuring it all out. Diets come and go, which is the healthiest choice to keep your good gut-aliens happy and your body healthy?

I have been researching and writing about my own health journey. It all started when I had decided NOT to follow both my parents, uncles and aunt who died from cancer. That research was the easy part, and I published my book that I mentioned above. I have no signs of cancer in my body.

The difficult part of my health has been diabetes, bipolar and painful legs, joints and feet.

Stop Eating Vegetables.

The “Carnivore diet” is now the latest news on social media mainly promoted by Dr Saladino. He proves that vegetables are not healthy for most people and that meats contain all the macro and micronutrients we need. These nutrients come from the cow’s fat, especially around the animal’s organs and then also eating the organs themselves like the liver and kidneys. The new science is showing us that the organs of animals are healthy for the same specific human organs – liver for liver health. Even eating animal brains builds the health of human brains with also lots of DHA omega fats being present in the animal brain.

The human-carnivore diet is the same as what cavernous animals eat. They eat all parts of other animals, from nose to tail to quote Dr Paul Saladino. And no plants, because they can prove that each plant has built-in toxins in them which are unhealthy for humans. His theory is based on Humans have been eating animals for our entire evolution. He claims, eating animals has made us human and separated us from other primates a few million years ago, and since then our brains had grown five times the original size before we started eating animals.

Dr Paul Saladino asks: “What is the ideal diet supplying all the nutrients to operate efficiently and optimally, in the most bioavailable form without any toxins. The answer, he claims, is an all animal-parts carnivore diet. This is the ideal template for all humans on the planet. The residents of Hong Kong eat the most meat in the world, and they live the longest. Iceland has the highest life expectancy per capita, and not many plants grow there. Sick people are looking at this diet to get well again. For example, people with autoimmune diseases, who are obese, have inflammation, not sleeping well, low libido and so the list continues have proved the diet works – I suggest a trial period for people who have a health issue, of a strict carnivore diet, eating no plants, seeds or fruits”.

Many carnivore dieters claim that the nutrient requirements for the general population don’t apply to them. But I must admit, I know of several individuals who have consumed a carnivore diet for a few years without any overt signs of nutrient deficiencies. I grew up on a farm, eating three meat meals a day until I went to boarding school.

Still, we lack data. Currently, I don’t think we have enough evidence to unequivocally say that this or that diet has no risk of producing nutrient deficiencies in the general population. Even if the carnivore diet is safe, is it really the best diet for optimal health? The carnivores say yes. The jury is still out on this one too, in my opinion.

What about eating only vegetables?

The foods that the Department of Agriculture have told people for years are “healthy” for them, isn’t the case. All we have to do is take a fundamental step backwards and realise that before the advent of modern milling practices, diabetes was not a common disease. It’s the incredible availability of simple carbohydrates that produce diabetes. If you can take those simple carbohydrates away from people, their diabetes goes away.” I know I am diabetic.

Dr Gundry, the lectin-free diet advocate (actually he is a surgeon): “We have no natural ability to process sugar. It was introduced in the 1900s as a rich person’s pleasure; grains, whole or refined wheat, are sugar. Dr Gundry’s popular diet does away with food high in lectins that cut up your gut, causing a leaky gut allowing unprocessed foods into your blood. He promotes high fats like olive oil and avocados with coniferous vegetables and small amounts of fish and meats – not entirely a vegan or vegetarian.

What Are Lectins? Lectins are proteins that bind to carbohydrates and are present in all forms of life, including plants, humans, bacteria, and viruses.

I am currently trying this diet and have lost weight, and my blood sugar levels have dropped to my pleasure. By eating oils, I feel full until the next meal, and sometimes I even miss it on purpose. He recommends missing meals as often as possible and no snacking.

I have also tried the “amended” or modified blood type diet as per Dr Chris de Beer, who tests your blood for what vegetables are causing problems to your health. The logic behind this concept makes sense to me. I moved countries before I could give the process a decent time to offer an opinion. I will go back to it next year to finish my trial.

Dr Chris: “There is a connection between a person’s blood and diet.   Each person is a unique creation with specific characteristics.  No two people on earth are alike – having the same fingerprints, lip prints, ear lobes, irises, or voices (not even identical twins); therefore, not all people should eat the same foods”.

He treats everyone as unique, which I believe they are when it comes to what foods to eat for health.

Confusion, confusion, and more confusion.

There is confusion in my mind at the time of writing this article. Most toxic part of plants are the reproductive parts like seeds, nuts, grains, lectins, fruits as the plant wants to protect and spread its off-spring far and wide and not be eaten. All health practitioners are talking about the new word “Polyphenols” and are giving it the big green light. But taking one important one like folate, it is not readily available to our gut as the fact that most humans suffer a shortage of it.

It appears to me that animals are the best source of vitamins and minerals and are more bioavailable. Springwater is the best source of magnesium, then liver and meat – kale is the best vegetable source, but one needs to eat a basket full at a time. We all need potassium, which means we need sodium which animals search out for because they need it. Beef, beef fat, animal organs, egg yolks, pork, chicken are all sources of these nutrients; so, where do vegetables fit in?

Add to the confusion, Mr Potato-man only eats potatoes. I have tried this diet, and it worked for me, but I became bored, frustrated and doubtful. Not to mention, it was not my wife’s cup of tea. This diet has become so popular. Andrew Taylor, with thousands of his supporters, claim:

  • Potatoes provide all the nutrition required to drastically improve your health and lose weight while keeping you full and satisfied.

This brings me to omnivores or the Paleo diet which is a nutrient-dense whole foods diet based on eating a variety of quality meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and healthy fats. It improves health by providing balanced and complete nutrition while avoiding most processed and refined foods and empty calories. This may be the most popular diet doing the circuit today. Many doctors, like one of my favourites, Dr Axe, recommends it. I tried it, but it did not solve my diabetes, depression, nor my arthritis. Maybe it’s ok or even suitable for healthy people.

Talking about confusion, do you know that nobody knows what a good microbiome is – there are plenty of opinions gained from insignificant experiments and their outcomes, but scientists generally have no idea if there is something called a good or ideal alpha microbiome for everyone. The jury is still out on this one.

I was shocked, not confused, as I am sure you will also be, to discover that fibre is not suitable for anything; not even bowel movements. All the claims that have been sprouted by all nutritionists worldwide for decades have been based on false outcomes of experiments. It’s all coming out now, lots of denials, but I guess we will hear more about the topic over the next year. I will let you know when the jury is back on this one. Anyway, the truth is that gut dysfunction is everywhere, the world’s immunity is declining fast, allergies are all over the world, and people are getting sicker and are being kept alive longer in pain by drugs.

Which diet?

  1. The almost vegan diet without lectins – Dr Gundry’s diet?
  2. The Carnivore diet eating from nose to tail – Dr Saladino diet?
  3. The Potato diet eating only potatoes – Andrew Taylor’s diet?
  4. The Blood type diet eating the right foods for you – Chris de Beer?
  5. The omnivore Paleo diet eating some of everything – Dr Axe?
  6. My Confusion diet eating according to my whims and fancies? More about this diet as I evolve (if I live). In the meantime, I’ll call it the unknown “Q” diet.

The only way to figure out what diet is optimal for you is to experiment, observe and document – keep a journal. I have kept a journal for an extended period of time; I must admit it has not been of great value other than to confirm that I have not found the perfect health secret for myself, not yet. Even two people with the same autoimmune disease diagnosis will respond differently to the various dietary approaches outlined here. We are unique with our own combination of blood type, microbiome, subconscious mind and aura.

Rethink What Foods are ‘Good for You’

Start with whatever is logical to you with your current consciousness and then evolve as you discover more facts that you can believe in. Many studies have shown that diabetes can be managed and often reversed with diet. But there are fundamental changes that need to take place. “There has never been diabetes in people who eat their native diet,” states Dr Gundry, who is also the founder of the Center for Restorative Medicine. “When they transition over to a Western diet, they develop diabetes.” His philosophy is that we need to go back to the foods that our bodies were originally designed to process. This makes sense to me. People in central Africa evolved and ate different foods to people in France, for example.

But how did we get to this dreadful health deterioration across the world? Most agree that it is due to the accessibility of refined carbohydrates such as white bread and rice, high fructose corn syrup, and refined sugar. The processed, packaged and fast foods we love so much (commonly known as the ‘Western Diet’) are killing us, and many populations throughout the world as well.

Remember in 1955, the year that businessman Ray Kroc became a franchise agent for a small hamburger stand known as McDonald’s. In the same year, Coca-Cola appeared in cans for the first time. Many of the famous biscuit brands made their first appearance. It was a time of invention — new convenience foods. And the start of the western diet which is killing the health of individuals who choose to eat this diet.

Levels of zinc and magnesium, which are crucial elements that prevent diabetes and painful legs, have been depleted in the soil because of the change in farming habits. Our tiny mitochondria are working overtime and cannot keep up.

While you might be able to get away with a vegetarian or carnivorous diet for a short while, the evidence suggests that the ideal menu includes both animal and plant foods. Dr Sarah Ballantyne, the Paleo Mom, broke this down in part three of her series “The Diet We’re Meant to Eat: How Much Meat versus Veggies.” I have still to read this publication, but it’s low down on my list.

While you can theoretically get all of your nutrients from any one group alone and potentially supplement with any missing nutrients from the other groups, I believe we need both sets of nutrients to be optimally healthy, and consuming animal including fish and plant foods in their whole natural form is the best way to accomplish this. We are omnivores, which is an animal that has the ability to eat and survive on both plant and animal matter, obtaining energy and nutrients from plant and animal matter, omnivores digest carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fibre, and metabolise the nutrients and energy of the sources absorbed. Although I base my theory on this fact, remember my one requirement, we are unique consumers of food and need to eliminate those foods which are healthy for some, but not for us.

Lectins were the root cause of a good portion of my health issues. Lectins are the most significant cause of autoimmune disease, in my opinion, and experience. So, Dr Gundry gets my vote for a good diet for those people like myself who are suffering from chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and painful legs, joints and feet.

Lectins are mainly concentrated in seeds and tubers (like potatoes). Grains, legumes, and nuts are types of seeds, so they are lectin-rich except for walnuts and Picassa nuts.

Conclusion – the elimination diet.

If you are feeling good and healthy, don’t change what you are eating. If you are not well in any form, physically or mentally, eliminate foods one by one, week by week, heading totally towards being a carnivore. Before you reach becoming a carnivore, you will find your unique diet. Remember, you are unique and do not fit into a boxed category of diets. Find your food through elimination and be healthy for the rest of your life. It is worth the trouble.

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Let’s Walk Pain-Free, Together,

Michael Plumstead