Use Energy to Regain and Remain Healthy Health is energy which comes from nothingness and it has three absolute fundamental aspects that need to be considered in order to heal all our illnesses including our careers – Spirit, Soul and body. Contrary to common belief, the body is where we will focus to start the understanding […]

Rooibos Tea

The Forgotten Miracle Healing Secret. Aspalathin is a potent antioxidant, and it’s only found in Rooibos and no other food or beverage. It is a miraculous Self-Healing agent for nearly every conceivable health condition including painful legs, bones and joints. I have been drinking it since birth for no other reason than it tasted so […]

SuperBug Danger

Superbug danger concept as a killer bacteria shaped as a death skull face as a symbol for MRSA medical healthcare risk and antimicrobial resistance health hazard icon as a bacterium infection inside the human body. Super Bugs are deadly serious – is it already a plague? Will you be affected? Superbugs are strains of bacteria […]