Painful Legs

Michael’s Solution

Painful Legs, Microbiome, Leaky Gut, Diabetes, Cancer – Starter Solution. The Physical Aspect I neutralized my acidic blood, eliminated inflammation in my blood, healed my leaky gut, changed my microbiome, built up my immune, endocrine, autonomic nervous, and lymph systems solving my painful legs, knees, bones, joints, and feet. I share my story so we […]

Rooibos Tea

The Forgotten Miracle Healing Secret. Aspalathin is a potent antioxidant, and it’s only found in Rooibos and no other food or beverage. It is a miraculous Self-Healing agent for nearly every conceivable health condition including painful legs, bones and joints. I have been drinking it since birth for no other reason than it tasted so […]

Perfect Health – Beware

While the conscious mind is remarkable, the subconscious mind is even more awe-inspiring! As your conscious mind only processes one choice or action at a time, your subconscious mind simultaneously processes 10 Quadrillion unconscious choices and actions per second. Once activated, subconscious goals, wishes, choices, and actions persist until met. Think about this previous fact […]

Daily 101 Diet Principles to Understand

Ensure you receive a balance of micronutrients and macronutrients. Nutrients are environmental substances used for energy-communication, growth, and bodily functions by organisms. Depending on the nutrient, these substances are needed in either small amounts or larger amounts. Those that are needed in large amounts are macronutrients. Macronutrients: A chemical element or frequency required in large amounts […]