What will senior citizens need in order to live past 100 years old?

Living to 100 years old or beyond is an impressive achievement, but it requires good health and access to resources that can help support a long and fulfilling life.

. Here are some things that senior citizens might need to live past 100 years old:

  1. Good physical health: Maintaining good physical health through regular exercise, a healthy diet, and routine medical care can help seniors stay active and independent as they age.
  2. Social connections: Social isolation can be detrimental to mental and physical health, so maintaining social connections with friends, family, and community can help seniors thrive.
  3. Financial security: Living past 100 years old means having enough money to support oneself over a long period of time. Seniors may need to plan ahead and save money to ensure that they can afford housing, healthcare, and other expenses in their later years.
  4. Mental stimulation: Engaging in intellectually stimulating activities, such as reading, playing games, or taking classes, can help seniors stay mentally sharp and engaged.
  5. Access to healthcare: As people age, they often require more healthcare services to maintain their health. Having access to affordable healthcare, including preventative care and treatment for chronic conditions, can help seniors live longer and healthier lives.

Overall, seniors who want to live past 100 years old will likely need a combination of good health, social connections, financial security, mental stimulation, and access to healthcare to support a long and fulfilling life.