What I learnt Facing Death at Umphakatsi Eco Village

Live Healthier and Longer

Listen to this on audio: What Stands between us and death.

During 2013 I was involved with an ecovillage called Umphakatsi in Mpumalanga near the Swaziland border. During the year I fell sick simultaneously with many serious diseases including tick-bite fever, Lyme’s disease, leaky gut and mould while also suffering from diabetes, gout and bipolar for years previously. I was near death. My homeopath sent me off to a doctor who could prescribe antibiotics – and did he prescribe a heavy dose of various antibiotics. I was very sick for many months after taking the allopathic pills.

I was confronted, as I’ve since discovered others are, with the dilemma of truly understanding sickness versus real, long term health. Because of constant health product advertising that we believe and partake in; we do not understand why we get sick.

We are eating our vitamins and organic foods but we still just become a statistic in the medical illness journals. Why? We just accept illness as a part of life hoping not to fall prey to a dreaded disease. If we do fall ill to a potentially fatal disease, we again believe and pray that the treatment that comes from the same source that told us how to be healthy, will cure us and be paid for by our medical aid.

This was not and is not the answer I was looking for.

What I do believe in is that we were created to be 100% healthy at all times. So why am I not healthy? What are the issues I do not see? I did not understand what the primary and ultimate key to health was.

I have found what I now believe is part of the answer.
Simply, it is the immune system; this is the key to optimal health.

Every moment of our lives, our immune system stands between us and death.

There are millions of various types of bacteria, thousands of virus types, thousands of parasite species, hundreds of cancerous type cells and fungi. I discovered this year that our immune system is our first and most important of our defences against these invaders – in fact all the bad guys.

The immune system is the true doctor built into our body to defend us against illnesses and has been there struggling since our birth to combat all the rubbish we subject it to in the name of its and our health.

The question I asked myself after surviving my death ordeal was: “How do I keep my immune system strong and balanced and what causes it to become inefficient allowing sickness into my body”?

I will give you a simple explanation in “Michael’s Solution”.

and I will email you an e-book with the answer to building a strong immune system that will keep death away.

Health is our Right,
Michael Plumstead